Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Post-Partum Recovery Unit (no, no, I'm not there yet!)

Poor, poor Miles. He has to put up with me - and me at 9 months pregnant in the middle of August is, I admit, probably not fun. Fortunately for Ben he is gone most of the day and so unfortunately for Miles he gets the brunt of. . . me!

So today he was driving me absolutely crazy. Now in Miles defense, Miles wasn't even being that bad. Truth be told he wasn't even being bad, just 3 - which often times can be confused with each other. I was confused today.

It started at the doctor's appointment for Jonas (Jonas is still skinny-skinny and ranks under the 1 percentile for weight! but we're not worried) where I was trying to talk and listen to the doctor and hold Jonas while Miles is doing everything I'm asking him not to do: turning the water faucet on full-blast, standing on the exam table, etc. So for the rest of the morning he just didn't listen to me - and I think that is probably my biggest pet-peeve. I would rather have him hit me than not listen to me. So anyways I had taken away his privileges of playing with a bunch of his toys (which, amazingly, he handled very well), but he still just didn't quite get it. But, whatever, we're over it. I told him I loved him and all that good stuff and that maybe I had gotten a little too frustrated with him, blah, blah, blah. And he's napping right now and so hopefully post-nap we all will be better.

But what this all brings me to is, during our fun episodes this morning, I thought how nice it will be to get a "break" while I'm at the hospital. Then I thought, "Man, 24-hours isn't long enough!" Back when my mom was having babies I think you stayed like 5-7 days. Now I wouldn't want that - I mean, the practices were so backwards then: you were practically bed-rest the whole time. But it did get me thinking. . .

There needs to be a Post-Partum Recovery Unit. This is for moms and babes only - you'd stay for like 3 days. While there you could sign up to take whatever classes you wanted to. Classes like Yoga for the Post-Partum Mommy, Nursing 101, Healthy Cooking, Post-Partum Exercising, Making Your Own Baby Announcements, chat groups with experienced and new moms, etc., etc. Of course the new little one gets to accompany you to all these things. And there would also just be lots of R&R and special bonding time with just you and your new little babe.

Yes, those are what my daydreams are like these days. . .


Megan said...

Forget having a baby to have to go to something like that. Why don't we just start something for every stage of child rearing. Example: Post 1 year olds, post 2 year olds, etc. Although at those places I wouldn't be bringing my child for "extra" bonding. I guess they already exist - to the rich they are called spas. To us normal folks they are called a very good dream. So dream on sister, it certainly can't hurt anything.

Isa said...

I am one of those people who have had to be in the hospital for 5 days before they will release me. Let me tell you by day three, I want out. Yes, the first three days are wonderful but, then it goes downhill from there...Maybe I will feel differently with two kids at home and c-section recovery. Sounds like Miles is doing everything any normal three year old does before his life gets rearranged. Isn't it grand?! Thinking of you guys.

erin said...

i'm with megan. and we don't even need it to be kid-specific. can't we just have post-30 months at a job you don't like? or post-crappy-meeting-where-i-don't-understand-anything days? i'd love to do yoga and the other stuff you mentioned too!

and i was looking for worse when it came to miles. it doesn't sound like you went crazy on him.

emily said...

well i didn't mention it, but i did thank miles for "ruining my morning." that's not a really nice thing to say to a 3 year old!

but all's forgotten in love and war - or something like that.

and yes, post-anythings sound good ot me, too.

erin said...

ooooh, the poor thing ruined your morning? well i'm sure you made it up to him.