Monday, August 06, 2007


In honor of the 28 days until my due date, I'm going to come up with 28 reasons why I'll be glad to no longer be pregnant. Here I go. . .
NO MORE . . .
1. double-sided sciatica
2. pregnancy-induced carpal-tunnel syndrome
3. pregnancy-induced heartburn
4. eating of disgusting TUMS
5. comments from people
6. rolly-polly belly
7. extreme protruding belly-button (as my CPR instructor pointed out to our class: it would be very easy to do the heimlich on somebody with a belly-button like mine! [cuz it's easy to find!])
8. waking up every few hours - oh wait, dangit, scratch that one!
9. having a tough time getting up from sitting on the floor
10. wearing of maternity garments - wahoo, nursing garments (I think I hate them more, though)
11. being 10 pounds within my husband's weight
12. wondering what the labor/delivery will be like
13. running like a . . . pregnant lady
14. difficulty putting on my running shoes
15. a baby in our home again (although at times we ALL act like babies here!)
16. the smell of a new baby - no, not the diaper smell, just the sweet, newborn smell
17. cute little clothes - PINK, and lots of it, too!
18. TWO big brothers
19. lots of "breaks" to sit and nurse
20. someone in the house who is 100% completely dependent on me (although that is highly annoying at times, it is still a very neat thing)
21. someone that someday i can braid her hair AND take her out in public

22. family come visit
23. family know what Grassy Rose's real name will be
24. a good excuse to not go grocery shopping
25. a body that, hopefully, will be losing weight and not gaining
26. "Joe-Babe" suddenly appear to be a very big boy indeed
27. to go shopping for a few new non-maternity clothing
And finally, the 28th reason it will be nice to not be pregnant anymore. . .
28. To welcome the cutest, sweetest, littlest GIRL this Maxwell family has ever met.
Dang, she better be a she. . .


Megan said...

I'm sure she will be a girl, but if for some reason there was a BIG mixup, it looks like you have 2 very willing participants in the braiding hair department. I'm also sure they would amuse you in wearing pink as well. However, I don't know if I would take them in public - as you said.
Can't wait to see and meet Miss Grassy Rose!

erin said...

but won't you miss eating whatever you want? and won't you miss telling ben that you want a back tickle because "grassy needs it?" i'm sure those things in NO way make up for the remaining 28 things, however.

Megan said...

Isn't it funny how when you're pregnant you can hardly imagine feeling normal again, and then afterwards it's hard to remember exactly what it was like to feel pregnant. I always miss feeling the baby move around inside me. Sometimes I'll think I feel it and then I remember that's not possible anymore. I guess it's just gas.

emily said...

megan t. - i think she's a girl, but just in case we do have a back-up boy's name.

erin - my appetite and metabolism are WAY higher during the first few months of nursing than ever during my pregnancy. so i'll still have a few more months to eat free. :)

megan h. - you make me laugh. love it. and, i do agree with what you say.

Niederfam said...

TRUE TRUE................Good list. As Preston informed me today, again, I will NEVER know what pregnancy feels like, and he is quick to point out all the "complaints" however, I'm still on a quest to get some PINK in this house too, besides mine, of course, so wish me well. And who knows little "grassy" could come early!!!! I can't wait to see her, not in person right away, but via the blog...........until a later date. CUTE BRAIDS by the way........

Melissa said...


You are going to have to change the name of your blog!

Melissa Fowler (nursing school)

rebecca said...

Love your list! What a fun way to remember your favorites and least favorites. I have a few comments - Yikes on the sciatica, carpal-tunnel and heartburn! I get nothing like that, so you have my admiration for doing this 3 times! You should try the berry flavored tums - they're borderline yummy. What?! You don't love your extreme outie? (Mine is permanent, I used to have a nice innie, but never will again.) Funny how you remembered that the little girl will probably keep you up more once she's out than she does while in. That's the worst! And don't get me started on nursing garments. Not everyone can sport more than a B+, even while lactating!

I hope you LOVE pink! Girls are so much fun. She is going to be so loved! I can't wait to see her cute face. And HER braids!

Come on out Grassy Rose! Emily, I hope you have a fab delivery.

emily said...

yes, melissa (thanks for reading my blog!), the blog will need a new name. :) i've got one decided on, but can't share b/c our families don't know the name of our little girl. :)

well rebecca i don't hate my outie - really, i don't mind it. but it will just be nice to go away, a sign of my returning body. :)

nursing garments. . . blech. i don't know what size they are for - perhaps DDDD? i get, uhhh, pleny big during nursing and those things still sag and wag. hate it - but are better than just normal garments? right? or not?