Thursday, September 27, 2007

Emmy is One-Month today!

Yea! She is one month today! It might look like she has stuffed some birthday cake in those cheeks - but, no, she is just getting some chub in those cheeks. :)

So I think she is doing just fine and is acting, well, like a baby. During the day she has decided that she wants Mom to accomplish absolutely nothing except feeding her and holding her! She'll sleep for about 45 minutes in her crib (actually a basket) and then scream - she doesn't cry much, just screams! So then I'll get her and hold her and in about 11.2 seconds she is sound asleep. At least until I try to put her back down - then she'll inevitably scream out again. It would be fine and dandy if she were my first kiddo, but she ain't and so that makes it a little challenging at times. BUT she will sleep in her crib really, really well at nite. So at least that is good. But frankly I wish she would sleep well in her crib during the day and need to be held at nite b/c Ben is really good sleeping with Emmy on the Boppy. Oh well.

She has given me a few smiles the past week - purely on accident I am sure. But they make me excited for the coming months when she'll start smiling more and, hopefully, screaming less.

The boys still really enjoy her. Miles talks to her all the time and really likes to explain things to her and tell her what things are. It's adorable. Jonas has been sick with a little fever on Saturday and then an incredibly snotty nose and a cough ever since. It's been hard to make sure he stays off her - but actually he has done pretty good. But I'll still be amazed if Emmy doesn't come down with anything.

So when I asked her what she thought her best one-month feature is, she said her beautiful white tongue. Oh it is lovely.

Here she is going to give me a high-five for both of us surviving the first month.

Awwww, she was quite upset when I told her that, no, she doesn't get birthday cake for her one-month birthday.

Life can be rough - even for a one-month old.


rebecca said...

OH Emily! That first picture is soooooooo cute! I love chubby babies! She is beautiful! Happy birthday little girl!

erin said...

yeah for emmy! i can't wait to meet her. and by the time i do, she'll totally be smiling. and sorry jonas is still sick.

Melissa C. said...

Hi. I'm Rebecca's friend (you've also probably seen me on "scrapathon"). Sometimes I stalk your blog just for fun. Sorry to be commenting (you probably think I'm a weirdo), but I noticed Emmy's white tongue and couldn't help asking: Did you know that the white tongue is probably thrush? My second and third babies had thrush, and the big symptom was the white tongue. I'm not a doctor or nurse, but if you haven't already, you might want to check it out. :) If you're nursing, thrush can be painful for you! Super cute baby! I LOVE her name!

Niederfam said...

So cute, and one month is a MAJOR milestone for all involved, CONGRATS!!! I remember the days of Mitt not sleeping, luckily he was numero uno, but still, he slept in his swing for about the first YEAR of life, cause it just wasn't worth another way.......we do what we can!!! She's darling, and I can't wait to meet her too!! AND.......I LOVE your new "banner" too, so cute.....:)

emily said...

melissa - of course i don't think you're weird! i stalk all sorts of random people. :)

so the tongue. funny you mentioned it. my kids have all had white tongues - common with breastfed babies (i'm not sure about formula). but. . . your comments made me think - she's had a diaper rash, one side of me that has healed (blasted left side now has a crack! BOOHOO) is still uncomfortable nursing, etc., etc. so i looked in her mouth and i see thrush! so we took her to the doc's and she said it was a very mild case and we'll be starting nysatatin tonite. :) the tongue, however, isn't thrush in her case. maybe it's just my milk that is real tongue-sticky or something?! :) THANKS, though, melissa. i'm hoping this will be our miracle cure: emmy will start sleeping better without being held, nursing will start going smoother, heck, while i'm at it, why don't i throw in "lose the 10 pounds to get to my post-pregnancy weight - let's make that 20! haha.

anyways, super long comment! but one final question for you melissa (if you read all this!): what did you do for yourself - if you were nursing? i was told to just rub on some lotrimin. anything else?

Melissa C. said...

I actually didn't nurse, so I can't help you there. Sorry. I'm glad my comment helped in a round about way. :)

Melissa C. said...

P.S. My kids always got thrush on their tongue, but one nurse told me that if it's "only" on the tongue it can't be thrush, but a doctor later told me that's not true. I think the technique they used to determine if it was thrush or not was to try to wipe it off the tongue. If it doesn't wipe off, they say it's mild thrush, but if it does wipe off it's just sticky milk. :) I don't know, sometimes I think they're just guessing! I don't really know what my point is in this comment . . .