Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Help Wanted

So I need some experienced people to give me their suggestions. Right now, supposedly, is the critical time to introduce a bottle to a baby. Too early might lead to difficulty nursing, too late and the baby might not try it.

So. . . I would really love to have a baby that would take a bottle - once a day. That would then free me up to be able to be gone for more than 2 hours, or, more significantly, work a little bit.

But I have my concerns. I do not want to pump b/c 1. I hate pumping with cheap, inefficient pumps and 2. I can't afford a nice one. So that leaves me to supplement the bottle with (gasp) formula. Is that bad? Would Emmy like the formula more than milk (I doubt that). But Emmy might like the bottle more than nursing, right???? And I've heard that even dropping one feeding a day can diminish your milk supply????

All this has kept me from trying the bottle, but it's still something I want to do - I'm just not sure if it is worth it.

Any ideas, tips, suggestions????


Isa said...

All I know is that it can be done. It has been done. Chloe would never take a bottle. Ever. Lily was on a bottle (formula) by 3 months. Different kid and time in life. A lactation specialist did tell me that your body will produce what the baby needs as long as you are consistant in whatever schedule you choose. You are a wonderful mom no matter how you feed your sweet Emmy! You are great!

linda said...

Hey, Linda here, C's sister. Here's my thought on the bottle: I think the last comment is right, whatever schedule you choose, just be consistent. All four of my kids took the bottle and I started giving them one the week we came home from the hospital. At first it was breast milk, then once the excess breast milk was gone, I didn't have extra to pump. All four took formula just fine. I did the bottle every other day or so at first and then a bottle a day. It never affected my breast milk, well, because like you said, you produce what the baby is eating, so you will produce what you need outside of that one bottle. And really, formula isn't so bad. C was a formula baby, and he is pretty dang smart. A little weird, but smart :)

Plus, it is really, really, nice to be able to leave the house for a little longer, and it gives those big brother's of hers a chance to take part in the joy of feeding!

Megan said...

Since Ellie was a very different case all together, I don't know how much advice I have to give. She never nursed well and my milk never came in so she obviously preferred the bottle. I did not see her have a preference for either breast milk or formula, but every baby is different so you will just have to wait for Emmy to "tell" you. I was wracked with the "my child is going to be stupid if I don't breastfeed her" guilt trip, but heard a very large study recently done that said there is no difference over breast or formula fed babies. So rid yourself of any guilt there. I think the schedule thing suggested is the best thing - for you and her. Good luck! I have a really good breast pump you can use - you just have to come get it:)!!!

Niederfam said...

Luckily or unluckily both of my boys took a bottle just great, and GASP they were first given formula in the nursery the night they were born......but I was able to do both with Mitt for about 8 months, and both with Major for about 5...(meaning 3 mommy feeedings a day and 3 bottle feedings a day, just rotated, every other) and YES, it's so nice to have help in the feeding department, and NO GUILT, really, with everything else we have to "worry" about, don't feel guilty about that one.........I did have a fabulous pump, but I borrowed it too, and um.....I'm a NON PRODUCER, so my boys were happy to take anything that would give them a little sustenance!!!!! GOOD LUCK

Rachael said...

Hey Emily,
Isaac takes both. I don't know why, or if there is something special that we did, but he just never really has had a preference. He usually gets 1-2 bottles from his dad everyday and then breastmilk from me. Sometimes he gets a bottle from me, but it just depends on the day. I guess I try to stay pretty consistent, but I never have had my milk supply go down. If anything there was too much milk. I think it just depends on the kid and the mom. I really like what we have been doing, because Andy gets to help out, but I get to breastfeed too. Good Luck!

emily said...

hello and a BIG thanks to everyone and your suggestions - including your great email megan h.! thanks so much.

fyi: emmy has taken 2 bottles of breastmilk and then i swore off pumping - i just hate it. just took 2 1/2 ounces of formula the other day with no balking or anything. so i'm doing one bottle every other day for a week or two and then i'll do a bottle a day. so far so good! hopefully it will continue.

thanks again friends! :)