Monday, September 10, 2007

Miles' first b-day party

Miles' friend Luke had a birthday party on Saturday. This was the first party that Miles has attended. Ben took him and said he had a good time. There was a "Thomas the Train" theme and so that had gotten Miles excited.

Fun times, huh!?

So these pictures crack us up. At the party they had a big pile of wood chips and buried in the wood chips were little toys and lots of candy. So the kids got to dig and dig for whatever they could find. The first picture shows all the kids having a grand old time. The second picture is Miles - Just Miles. He stayed in the pile long after all the other kids had moved on to other activities. What does this show? Preserverance? Determination? Enduring to the End? Never-quitting? Or simply a 3 year-old's love of Candy? You decide.


erin said...

miles is starting to look so old! fun for you! (or not??)

Niederfam said...

Too funny.............I'm going with he thought he might have an upper advantage working the ground alnoe....SMART kid, right???? :)

PS I love the stripes in what I'm assuming is the boys room.......CUTE. (Where Grandpa is giving Jonas a ride)