Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Miles - the Student

Well Miles and I had our first Mom 'n MeSchool today. My goal is to do this twice a week, but we'll see how that goes. Here are pictures of our day:

I had to wake him up early from his nap, so he was a bit tired. When I went in to get him he told me he wasn't ready for school yet, but did agree to let me read him a book. He looks less-than-thrilled in this picture, but he was just tired. This boy LOVES to read books.

After we read the book, Miles ran into the kitchen for school. We began by singing the "ABCs" and Miles did pretty darn great for a 3 1/2 year-old. At least I think so. He usually never sings it when I ask him to (like when we're washing our hands), but the good student that he is, he sang it for me. :) Then we practiced writing his name. I had written it out lightly with a pencil and then he traced it. He was REALLY excited about doing it. :)

Next, we got out the paint and foam letters and stamped the alphabet on some cardboard. Of course Miles enjoyed this. If he didn't like his letter (too smudged, dotty, etc.) he would ask me to make a "nice one." He did a lot of "nice ones" himself and was always real pleased when it was "nice." (By "nice" he meant clear, crisp, clean, etc.)

So it was a fun first Mom n' MeSchool. When we went to wake Jonas up, Miles told him: "Jonas I did my school work today."

So I will treasure these school moments we have together because one day he will actually leave me for school. While there are times (uhhh, such as I-will-not-listen-to-mom-times) that this sounds nice, for the most part the thought of sending him away all day makes me extremely. . . sad.


erin said...

so what else are you going to do in school?

rebecca said...

Woah! You're hard core! You woke him up?! Looks like fun. You are supermom! Remember that newborn you have? Those little guys turn me into Useless Mom for the older kids for 3-4 months. You rock.

emily said...

erin - i have no idea. it will probably be more like crafts and such. we'll do a letter a week (for the 2 days).

rebecca - i always wake my kiddos from their naps! i put them down at 12:30 and have to wake them up at 3. otherwise the wouldn't want to sleep until like 11 or something! and emmy is really quite a good baby. i basically feed her, nap her, watch her, or hold her. i'm not sure how long it will last, but so far it's pretty good.

linda said...

a friend of mine from TX and her sister started a preschool based on pres. Hinckley's b's. it's busybeepreschool.com she only charges $8 a month for the lesson plans, and the access to her site provides all the ideas, printouts, etc. i really really like it. i think each month is based around a book you read. check it out, you may like it.

emily said...

hey thanks linda! that sounds really, really good. i will definitely check it out.