Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Love Affair

Yes, I am madly and deeply in love with another. FALL. I love Fall. There isn't much on earth that makes me happier than a crisp, fall day. If I were given the choice of having a perfect fall day or a day in which I was able to eat whatever I wanted without gaining weight, I would choose fall. I love it that much.

So my favorite part of today was my wonderful Fall Run. It was almost perfect (it would have been perfect if I was in Wilson, WY or somewhere like that). I loved that I had to run with my hands tucked in my sleeves and even a hat on. The cool air on my face was delightful.

Now how did this part of my day beat out another part? The part where I was sitting on the couch nursing Emmy (which has become excruciatingly painful - to put it lightly - due to some nice cracks), while poor snot-faced Jonas cried and screamed for me to hold him, and Miles went around the room taking whatever Jonas had been playing with - thus increasing the screams and cries of Mom. . . ummmm I mean Jonas.

Oh indeed it is a wonder how that Fall Run early this morning has been the favorite part of my day thus far. :)


erin said...

hmmm...i can certainly see how a run would be the best part of your day. are you actually running?!

emily said...

yesterday was my first "big" run. the week before i was running about 50% of my run. yesterday was probably over 90% - and it felt soooooo good. i love it.

Megan said...

Remind me why I'm having another child - PLEASE!!!

emily said...

because of those "time out/loves" moments that do happen!

because there is nothing better than your own kid's laughter.

because there is nothing sweeter than hearing your own kid say "mama" and be talking to you!

because there is nothing more amazing than how smart these little ones are!

because we are told there must be opposition in all things and who better to give us that opposition than our kiddos!? :)

rebecca said...


I can so relate to those nursing moments where everyone else goes nuts!

Love your comment to megan about opposition! Kids really do create the best of times and the worst of times - within 5 seconds of each other. :)

emily said...

so, so, so, so very true rebecca!