Monday, September 03, 2007

One Week

So Emmy is one-week today - well, technically, tonite! Wahoo. We all made it through the first week. All is still going well with everybody. Ben is becoming quite adept at sleeping in a reclined position on our bed - while holding Emmy on the Boppy. I am not yet to the angry stage of having to wake up a few times during the nite - but am sure that stage will come (I'll give Emmy at least a few months before I hit that stage, I hope!). Miles is good with her and has decided he does like babies. Jonas is very interested in her and doesn't leave her alone when she's on the floor. Emmy might be a little confused with her days and nights, but still does pretty good during the nite - as long as she is being held. :)

Is he happy to be a Big-Brother or what?!?!?!
And such a Sweet Big-Brother he is!
Sleeping like, well like a baby I guess!
Yes, she is already the affection of many handsome men (as well as some goofy boys) .


rebecca said...

One week already? She's beautiful Emily! Pink is so my favorite color. How fun! I hope you are just soaking up your miracle!

erin said...

yep, that picture of jonas is classic! keep them coming.

emily said...

yes i am absolutely loving pink - so fun! and i am soaking her up - she is a lot of fun and so far a good baby (did i just curse myself? probably). life is good!

Megan said...

O.K., I think she looks just like Erin - in baby form of course. Very cute!