Saturday, September 22, 2007

Why I Love Ben

So one of the reasons I love Ben is that he is, ummmmm, a cute speller. That's right - a cute speller. Now I'm not going to call him a bad speller because really he isn't. For the most part my dear husband can spell just fine, but there are a few words here and there that come out wrong. But it's really rather cute. For instance he spelled "grateful" as "greatful" until he met me and I corrected him. And just the other nite I discovered another "cute," albeit wrong, spelling:

Yes, Plumb. As in plum. Love it. And, by the way, my husband actually went over to the neighbors with our boys in tow, picked a whole lotta plums, peeled them, pitted them, and cooked them into jam. Another reason why I love him. He wanted to do it -I made no suggestions or anything. I just helped pour.

Anyways, back to Plumb. So when I told him it was spelled wrong he laughed and then felt like an idiot because he had labeled about 5 jars wrong (the other jars contain plum-cinnamon jam and I had labeled those). He came to the consensus that the whole reason he spelled it that way is because of his Aunt and Uncle Plumb. :) Probably!

Pretty darn cute, though, huh?! He ain't bad looking either.


rebecca said...

Woah - is it getting hot in here? I can feel the love! "Plumb" is cute - and what a guy for making jam?! That's awesome.

erin said...

that's too funny. turns out that this is actually a real word and maybe that's why ben spelled it like this? you know, as in a "plumb line," a line with a weight attached? and given his handyman skills, that may explain a lot. it won't explain greatful however.

Megan said...

I was telling Greg about this blog and he told me that I'm a "cute" speller as well. I guess it didn't keep a genious like him from marrying me, so I'm not worried. I guess Ben and I can only truly say that it is yet another reason why you superior spellers love us.

emily said...

so megs . . . do you hate it if people correct your "cute" spelling???? :)

Daniel, Katie & Ava said...

Hahaha. Your blog cracks us up, Emily. We miss you guys and can't wait until we can meet your beautiful little girl. And of course, see your boys again. And yes, you and Ben as well. Take care.