Sunday, October 07, 2007


i have no reason for posting this except to show off my favorite little girl. i bought (well, okay, technically my mother bought) this wonderful dress from etsy - i love that site. i took emmy to conference with me (at our stake center) this morning and thought i would "dress" her up. she didn't wear the bonnet and booties to church, but we had to do that for the photo shoot.

as we were looking at miles' baby book the other nite before the boys' bedtime, ben and i realized that there is a little bit of miles in emmy, too. she still looks especially like jonas as a baby, but she does have a little miles in her, too.

basically she's a perfect blend. ohhhhh, i think we are ALL glad we got a little girl from heaven sent to us.


erin said...

soooo cute! why didn't she wear the bonnet or the booties?

emily said...

i thought it would be too much? i was just taking her to conference and i didn't want to obviously show off my babe - just subtly. :)

erin said...

no such thing as "too much" with a newborn baby girl!