Monday, October 29, 2007

A least they have protein and other random comments

so ben cooked up some 6-grain cereal on saturday for us to enjoy. (yes, kristen, i am sure this reminds you of the lovely smell when i would cook my wheat cereal in the dorms.) so yesterday i am enjoying it until i got about 3/4 of the way done and notice a bug in my cereal. i start searching around and find another one - needless to say, i am pretty grossed out by it. we couldn't find any in ben's cereal, the uncooked stuff, nor the rest of the cooked stuff. i didn't eat any more of my bowl.

then obviously i had forgotten about that episode this morning because i heated up some more of that cereal. and this time i got about 2/3 of the way through eating it and, yes, i see another bug. i searched around and found another one. yuuucghk. sheesh, what a way to start out my monday.

on to the next thing.

so jonas' favorite phrase of the past couple weeks have been "don't like it." that's fine - he's almost 2. but what happened today at lunch happens just about every meal/snack time. so i set down lunch (omelet strips with ketchup to dip in) and of course jonas declares, "don't like it." then he proceeds to eat all of his strips with no complaints. then miles is "full" and gives jonas his last strip. jonas again declares "don't like it." but he ate it up.

question of the day:

miles (out of the blue) - "Mom, what is flowergasket?"

me - "flowerbasket??"

miles - "no, flowergasted."

me - "Uh!? Oh, where did you hear that!?"

miles - "the elves book."

me - "Oh. It means really, really, really surprised."

needless to say, i was flabbergasted.


Megan said...

That just goes to show you that mothers are the only ones who know what they are saying sometimes. I didn't know what he was trying to say until you "spelled" it out for me. Too funny.

Bugs - gross!!! I can't believe you even tried a 2nd helping.

emily said...

remember megs, i totally had forgotten about the previous bug incident.

how could i forget? i don't know for sure but perhaps my mind was befuddled with 3.5, 2, and 2-month old-isms. or something like that. :)

erin said...

once we had weevils (sp?) in our flour. it was disgusting. i really dislike insects and wish there was a way around them.