Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Merry Christmas, errr, Happy Halloween

Well Halloween is over and the 3 kiddos are all pooped-out and soundly sleeping. If I wasn't going to be feeding Emmy in the next hour or so, I would be soundly sleeping myself. But since I am up I might as well blog some of the events of today.

We started it out by some yummy treats for the kiddos - it makes sense, right, since they wouldn't be getting like a whole bucket-full of treats tonite??? But they liked, alright loved, their candy-corn painted pots with, what else, candy corns.

They got to watch a movie during the day - Miles' 2nd time ever watching a movie during the day and Jonas' first, so it was a special occasion. They had watched about 45 minutes of the movie (3/4) when I started to hear a lot of laughing and giggling going on. I thought it was due to the movie, so I went in. No, they'd given up on the movie and were just having fun wrestling each other. It was really cute.

For our "pre-dinner dinner" (dinner was served at the church party, but that wasn't going to be until 7) we had Halloween Quesadillas. They look a little funny - okay, a lot funny - because I only had white cheese on hand and so we food-colored the cheese! Haha. The boys had fun eating them.

Then we went to our church party. We had a trunk-or-treat - which, in case you don't know, is where the kiddos go trick-or-treating to all the car-trunks lined up and decorated in the parking lot. I hung out with Emmy giving out treats while Ben took the 2 boys. He said Jonas didn't say a word. Jonas gets like that when shy or in new environments. But they of course loved getting all that candy. After trunk-or-treating we went inside the church for dinner, a "parade" of the kids on the stage, and a magic show. It was a fun day, but exhausting. Here are some pics of our cutes elves and our little present

Santa's 2 Elves

Miles and Jonas at our house. We don't know what they are doing, but for some reason they are both picking at their mouths????

And here they are after getting a lotta treats. How fun. Jonas wanted a sucker and Miles wanted "stinky feet" (some chewy feet-shaped candy).


In case you can't tell Emmy is in a stocking and, of course, has a bow on her head. A present indeed.


Like I already mentioned Jonas was pretty much silent during his trunk-or-treating experience. But when we got home we had some trick-or-treaters come to our home. After they left and Jonas saw Ben with some candy in his hand, Jonas belted out, "TRICK OR TREAT, TRICK OR TREAT."

What a goofy picture! For some reason Ben absolutely loves this picture. :) It looks nothing like Jonas, but is cute. I think he actually looks quite elfish in the picture.


He loved all of his "jingle bells" and didn't want to take his costume off tonite. He was such a cute and fun elf.

In case you are wondering how to make candy corns, Miles explained it all to me this morning: "You take yellow cheese for the bottom part, oranges for the middle, and white cheese for the top." Hmmmm, I think I'll stick with Brach's recipe.


Megan said...

So cute!!! Did you make those costumes? I want to know how you got the shoes to curl at the ends.

Wow, only their second movie? That's impressive. I know Ellie watches way too much TV. I guess I'll pay for it when your kids are the Nobel Prize winners and mine are garbage men.

erin said...

i'm smiling so big at all these pictures! the costumes turned out GREAT emily. now what will you do with them? that one pic of jonas is hysterical.

emily said...

yes, megs, i did make the costumes - i found some easy pattern for elf shoes online - about.com or something.

i'm not sure about nobel prize winners - i think miles would love to be a garbage truck driver or front-end loader driver or something "exotic" like that. :)

and i'm sure your kids will be brilliant like their mama and daddy.

erin, i don't know what we'll do with the costumes. i'm sure we'll have them wear them one more time, at least, during the christmas holiday!

Brooke said...

Well, isn't this a cute blog!! So fun to have found your little spot on the www. :) What a darling family you have. I hope to keep in touch better this way! :) Have a good one. Sounds like you guys had a great Halloween!!!!

love, Brooke (Kemp)

Nicole said...

What a good idea. Everyone looks great! And I found something that I think you and Erin would enjoy...http://www.sneakypug.com/2007HalloweenPugParty/2007Halloween_Pug_Party.html
Check that out. It's called Pug-o-ween. I found it from another friend's blog :) I can still remember pics on your fridge of Thor all dressed up!!

Nicole said...
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Nicole said...


Nicole said...

Hmm it's not copying and I have no idea why!! Here's the end of the link:
I cut off the first part...see if you can put it all together.

Wirig Family Blog said...

I am so impressed when I see homemade costumes! Good job! How is three going? Is it crazy? Thanks for reading my blog...you are so cute!

Sara said...

AHH EMILY YOU HAVE THE CUTEST KIDS! They look adorable in their costumes! And I think we have the same car! So glad I found you!