Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Sleepy Heads

So for a long time Ben would always go in and peek at the boys before we headed off for bed. For a while I just didn't feel the need to - I thought, "I've seen them all day and evening, I don't need another look at them." Ha! But a few months ago I started going in with Ben and peeking at our boys. It's a good thing. No matter how many "NO," "MINE," time-outs, tantrums, fits, pushes, shoves, steals, angry bursts, messes, broken items, ruined things, spilled milk, torn books, and non-listening ears, seeing them sound asleep reminds me that I really do love them a whole lot and that they are, indeed, sweet and precious.




Megan said...

I love the last one of Miles. That is so funny. They are so precious when they sleep. I love to rub Ellie's face and hair. When the girl is out, she's out. We could have a party in her room. I'm glad you finally went in and looked. I try and never miss it.

erin said...

you're turning into dad by taking pictures of sleeping kids! what's next...bathrooms all day?!?!