Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

Miles and Jonas with perfect-sized pumpkins.

Miles absolutely loved the literal haystack! He fell down twice from the very top and just toppled and rolled down. He had a surprised & scared face each time - but it didn't stop him.

We had a really fun hay ride. It was quite bumpy at times and I was glad to have Emmy nice 'n snug in my trusty sling. It also gave me a chance to hold hands with my 2nd True Love.

Awwww, my 1st and 3rd True Loves. I pick them good.

Miles pulling the wagon and Jonas pushing.

Don't they look sweet? I bet they would make a tasty pumpkin pie. The 2 boys are pretty sweet, too.

A fun picture of all of us minus Ben. Plus a picture showing that Emmy was indeed there and greatly enjoyed her festive first outing to the pumpkin patch - by sleeping, of course.

Words cannot describe how much I do love fall - and my family o' five.


erin said...

so cute! i love fall too. i just wish we'd have one out here. sigh. another 80-something degree day.

Megan said...

Fun, fun! Your family is so cute.

rebecca said...

All beautiful pictures. I love the one of you holding hands with Miles. So adorable. I love fall too! And I love your family of FIVE! Ems looks so sweet all cozy with you.

Megan said...

I love the yearly pumpkin patch visit. I was starting to panic because I heard that our local patch had burned down in the recent fires, but luckily it was a false rumor. A few things did burn, but not the whole patch. Anyway, I love comparing the pumpkin patch pictures from year to year.