Thursday, October 04, 2007

A short up-date on a short family

I just thought I would do a little update and post some pics since I haven't had any exciting posts lately - since, ummmm, we haven't really been up to any exciting things. Not that this post will be exciting. Anyways. . .

Emmy is just dandy. She still really likes to be held a lot during the day (thank goodness for my sling!), but does dang good at nite for the most part. I have never had a baby do so well so early. I am technically only waking up once at nite to feed her - but that is because I am going to be late (around 11) and getting up early (5:30) nursing her. She caught her brothers' cold and has a cough. Her dad tells her a dozen times a day how "beautiful" she is - and she is.

Jonas is a goof. He makes us all laugh with his silliness. He can speak in practically full sentences. Yesterday he said to me, "Don't sit on bear, mama." I didn't. He loves to be at our desk and mess up our computer by typing on the keyboard. He also likes to say "no," "why mommy?" and "go away." "Go away" is one of my favorite! The other day I was out with the kiddos helping them ride a tricycle. As I was helping Jonas take a turn and having my hand on the handle bars, I was politely told to "Go away mama." I was laughing! Jonas also told Miles to "go away" today at lunch time when Miles joined him on his seat. Jonas did, however, let Miles stay for the meal. :)

Miles can be so fun and sweet - but he can also drive me insane. But I love him all the same. He has a part in the primary program and so I started rehearsing his line with him a couple of weeks ago. About the 3rd day of practicing I started off the sentence, "My family. . ." and Miles finished it off ". . . can follow Jesus Christ by choosing the right." We'll see how he does in the program! His favorite word lately has been "interesting." Yesterday he was being babysat while I ran off for some help at the hospital (more on that on my section). While they were watching some trucks out the window he said "That front-end loader is very interesting." No, Miles, you are very interesting. :)

Ben is busy as always with work, church, and family. He does a great job in helping me out and encouraging me to take "breaks" and such. He bought his very own life-jacket at our local consignment store and wishes he could be out sailing. He's now skinnier than he was when we were first married (I think?). I wish I could eat like him and lose weight. Boys are crazy.
I am doing "fine." Isn't that how we are supposed to answer? But really I have been quite. . . miserable. Still having nursing troubles. Thank goodness for orajel, though. Orajel is benzocaine for teething babies - apply to their gums and hopefully the pain will ease. Well Ben suggested I try it on me and that is how I have maybe only cried like twice in the past 2 days (instead of every nursing session and every time I thought about nursing!). It's not perfect and probably has some downfalls - like I think Emmy's latch gets a little lax towards the end of nursing - going numb I'm sure doesn't feel too grand for Emmy. And I know that not having a perfect latch won't help things, but honestly it is the only way I can now stand nursing: being "drugged" on orajel. :) I did go to the hospital yesterday for my 2nd lactation consulting and was told that it appears Emmy has a really good latch. So why all the cracks???? I can't imagine it all due to thrush. But I was loaned out a pump - for free! - and will try and pump a little bit each day and then feed her a bottle. (When I pump I can OD on the orajel and have a pain-free experince, as opposed to using as little as possible and then wiping it off before I nurse Emmy. Too much info???) I'm hoping the pumping will let me heal some. Anyways, that's me.

And that's us. Not such a short up-date, really!


Isa said...

Oh, Em. I am sending well wishes your way! It is hard to be a mommy of three. Especially with a new little bundle...We are thinking of you.

erin said...

i love that jonas is a little jokester. full sentences? interesting! ha. and sorry about the continuing boob saga.

Niederfam said...

i did hear that black tea bags help, you are supposed to drop them in (hot) water and then stick them on YOU.....i haven't tried it, but if you get desperate enough, you'll try anything right!!! hang in there. and cute boys and GIRL!!!!

rebecca said...

So sorry things are not going well with the nursing. It's hard enough without constant pain. You're doing great.

I laughed at your "I didn't" comment in reply to Jonas' advice. It's better if no one sits on bears in general.

And I love that Ben calls Emmy beautiful. Brings tears to my eyes. Love the love.

rebecca said...

Oh, and of course, your post title is very clever. Short and proud!

emily said...

natalie - been there, tried that. :) it's really too messy, though, the tea bags. but we'll see - the peds doc said i shouldn't be using orajel. i didn't get to talk to him and tell him exactly what's going on - i'm using it, wiping it off, etc. but, still, makes me think i should stop.

to say i am DREADING my next nursing session is an understatement.

rebecca said...

Hey Emily, I'm a big fan of nursing, and trying as long as you can etc. But I also believe you have to do what's best for BOTH of you - you have to be a happy mom. If you are DREADING nursing, maybe you should call it good? Or cut back to once or twice a day and use formula the rest of the feedings? I can tell you formula babies are just as wonderful as breastfed babies - I have two of each. :)

emily said...

thanks rebecca - i was really dreading it b/c of how painful it has been and that i would have to be doing it without my beloved orajel.

but. . . it turned out okay. seems that the R side is healing - I SO HOPE! i've been pumping on the left since i can still do orajel with that.

so hopefully i am on the mend. oh please, please, please.

i've always had a love-hate relationship with nursing and when this whole issue came up and the possiblity of stopping, i decided that i really, really want to nurse! but if i were to get more problems, i think that would be the end of it.

so we'll see. thanks for supporting me whatever i end up doing - i'm a formula baby and so i am definitely not opposed to it. :)