Monday, October 15, 2007

Special Sunday

Hopefully I will get a few better pictures (our camera - thus our photos - had a smudgy-fingerprint [hmmm, my guess is Jonas' finger!!!] that ruined most of our pictures), but I still wanted to write about our wonderful Sunday.

Ben's parents and my parents, as well as my Grandma Phyllis, came over for the weekend. That in and of itself was wonderful.

On Saturday I took Miles and Emmy to the church for the Primary's program practice. It scared me for what might be on Sunday! No, Miles was not the only Sunbeam out of his seat. Yes, he was the only Sunbeam running all over; saying loudly and over and over "Is it my turn yet?" exclaiming from his seat "I love you Mommy (yes, I LOVED that part!); and, yes, even turning on and off the chapel lights. I was told by a Primary leader to not worry, that Miles usually does very well on their Sunday practices.

So then Sunday came. We first of all had a baby's blessing for Emmy. She looked so sweet in her dress - the same dress that my sister and I wore for our baby blessings many moons ago. How neat is that?! She did great during her blessing by sleeping the entire time. I was told the blessing was beautiful (I did not doubt that), but was occupied in trying to maintain Peace in the Pew with Jonas - I was victorious with Jonas, but didn't catch the blessing. Luckily notes were taken and Ben typed it up last nite - it was very sweet.

Then the primary program. With a little bribery ("If you do a really good job staying in your seat then you can have jelly-bellies after sacrament meeting.") Miles stayed in his seat - well at least on and near it. For some reason he quite frequently licked and gnawed at the seat in front of him during many of the songs. Whatever, he was being quiet. The Sunbeams' parts were practically at the very end and Miles was the last Sunbeam to go, so it was a long program. :) But when it came time for Miles' turn to speak, he spoke VERY LOUDLY and clearly - and the proud mama has to mention All By Himself with no prompting - into the microphone, "My family can follow Jesus Christ by choosing the right." There was a nice chuckle from the congregation when he finished. He was adorable. I wish I could have taped it. Just imagine every word ending in a loud and high note - that's how he did it. LOVED IT. Jonas added his two-cents when Miles finished speaking and said, "choosing the right," just loud enough for the family to hear.

It was a fun day and we were glad to have our folks and Grandma Phyllis over - it was just too short. Kind of like me.


erin said...

gosh, i want jelly bellies too. they sound yummy. and if the mullet is indeed a girl, then i'll be asking for that dress along with the robeez!

Megan said...

Fun, fun! Glad it was a good day and all went well. They all look so cute - you do too!

Niederfam said...

Beautiful.....your family is darling, each and every one of them!!!!

Isa said...

Emmy looks just beautiful.

rebecca said...

Happy day. Ems looks beautiful. What a special day - a blessing AND the program. Love it!