Friday, October 26, 2007


so becoming a mom makes you say things you thought you would never say. i'm not talking about things your mother said that you swore you'd never say - cuz really you knew would end up saying them. just off-the-wall weird things that you never thought of before.

like the past few days i have been saying things like this to miles: "If you don't eat the pumpkin [candy corn style pumpkin] I'm going to take it away from you." I'm actually threatening my kid if he doesn't eat his candy. Why you ask? Because he will play, and play, and play with his "candy toy" f . . . o . . . r. . . e . . . v . . . e . . . r.

case in point: i gave him a pumpkin about an hour ago, right after lunch. he is now sitting in his quiet corner (not time-out, just where he goes for nap/quiet time) and talking and playing with his pumpkin. he hasn't eaten it yet. and it's not because he doesn't looooove candy. it's probably more due to the fact that he's Three and Weird. but arent' we all - not Three, of course, but Weird?

so what do you do that's weird??? i'll be the first one to comment.


emily said...

i'm sure i have a lot more weird things than this, but i can't think of anything else at the moment.

but one weird thing i do is on every run i always count how many steps i take between each sidewalk crack. even if i am thinking something else, in the far back of my brain i am counting.

i also wave to the "County Senior Transportation" van/bus every morning on my run. he honks and i wave back. it's so dark out there that i don't even know if HE is a man. but i think so. is that weird?

erin said...

no. it's not weird that you wave at that man.

following miles's weirdness with food, here's mine: whenever i eat candy, i have to have a "grand finale" finish. for example, with skittles. first, the entire bag has to be emptied. i eat the greens first, then the yellows, then the purples, and then the oragnes. the reds are eaten last as they are the best. when i get down to six left, i eat one, then two, and then...the GRAND FINALE of THREE red skittles.

i pretty much do this with every candy. either the reds or pinks are eaten last. with runts, i'll eat two pinks and one red for the grand finale. i'll even get mad at you if you mess it up.

marisa said...

So this one is not on me but Miles playing with his pumpkin made me think of my nephew Michael, when he was around 3, he took to loving a box of Brownies, he called it Mr. Brownie and he carried it everywhere with him, slept with it, etc...the first time we saw "Mr. Brownie" he was all taped up because the box was so loved! At one point they tried to replace it with a new box and he of course rejected it as he knew it was the original!

emily said...

erin - definitely weird. but sounds so. . . like you. :)

marisa - i'm LOVING that story! hilarious.

another weird thing i do: it's hard for me to get out of the shower. i love the hot water. so i have to do a countdown. i start from 28 - my age - and go down to 0 of course. in theory, i am suppose to turn off the shower at that point. in reality, it hardly ever works. so then i'll do a countdown from 10 - and then possibly get out. haha.

rebecca said...
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rebecca said...

I'm always coming up with math problems based on what time it is on a digital clock. Like right now it's 9:45 - that's an easy one. 4+5=9 or 9-4=5 or 9-5=4 or 9x5=45 or 45/9=5 etc. Wow, I just got really lucky that there were so many at this moment. Usually I have to make up something a little more complex. Or if it's 7:05 I think "there's 7 people in our family, 5 kids" or something like that. Weird. And I've tried to quit 'cause it's annoying, but I can't stop!

Niederfam said...

My closet is color coded, and I make P keep his side up that way, and I have passed the trait on to Mitt so far, who tells me if I put something in the "wrong" spot. It's more OCD than weird, but it's all I can come up with now!!!