Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday, Monday

Last nite at about 10pm Ben and I realized we had not come up with any idea for FHE (which unfortunately isn't all that uncommon). So Ben just said we'd do something on being thankful - brilliant, eh?

Well I didn't think of anything to do for our FHE "lesson" during the day and so on the spur-of-the-moment at 6:15 tonite Ben thought we should sit in a circle and each of us say one thing we're thankful for. It then evolved into having each of us say one reason we are thankful for so-and-so of the family (make sense?). I then spotted a feather on our floor (from a nursery craft yesterday) and decided the person saying their thanks would tap each person on the head with a feather and tell us why he is thankful for that person.

Anyways, Ben went first and feathered each of us and said why he was thankful for us. Miles was so excited and just had to go next. This is what Miles had to say:

"I am thankful for mommy because I have tractors. . . and because she is good."

"I am thankful for daddy because Jonas is my brother . . . and because you have really big books" (as he pointedly looked over to the table where Ben's big library book of Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales rested).

"I am thankful for Emmy because she cries a lot."

"I am thankful for Jonas because he is my brother."

Then it was Jonas' turned and I helped him "feather" each person and prompted him by saying,

me: "Why do you like mommy?"
Jonas: "cuz"

me: "Why do you like daddy?"
Jonas: "cuz"

me: "Why do you like Emmy?"
Jonas: "cuz"

me: "Why do you like Miles?"
Jonas: "cuz"

Jonas was quite pleased with his responses.

So, Erin, you might not have restful Sundays to look forward to. But you do have FHE nites like these to look froward to. And these are the moments that make everything else . . . worth it.


Megan said...

So true!

Niederfam said...

Ummm...when I prompted Mitt to tell me things he was thankful for, his list was

Spider man
Daddy and
Beaner (Major)

I however did not even get an honorable mention!!! Some kids!!! :)

emily said...

yes, i always get jipped too natalie (is that how you spell "jipped"? hopefully you know what i mean)

when asked his best/favorite friends he'll say people like
1. L (he beats him up)
2. S (she yells a lot at him)
3. J (he's a baby)
4. J-brother - awesome
4. Daddy - great

and what about me? not there on the list!

erin said...

well em, you know that i always say that your boys give me hope that i'll someday like kids!

(caveat: i think i'm right, but could totally be wrong about what i'm going to type next.) the word "jipped" comes from gypsies. so i think it should be gypped. however, that's quite racist so i don't recommend using that word.