Monday, November 26, 2007

Thankful for Thanksgiving

(our cute kids all in overalls on Thanksgiving Day - am i cheesy or what?!)

Well we had a great Thanksgiving trip and were able to spend it with wonderful family and friends. We really had a lovely time. This morning Miles said to me, "I thought we could stay at Grandma Diana's for a reeeeeeeeeeal long time." Nope, unfortunately that's not the case and we had to start real life this morning - which included tantrums, fights, crummy nap-sleeping for Emmy all day long, etc., etc.! Oh well. At least we can be thankful for Thanksgiving.

We were lucky to have had it snow on Wednesday - but not during our drive over. So that was fun. The boys were able to get out in it on Thanksgiving and have some cold fun!

Miles: my task-oriented boy. He enjoyed scrapping all the snow off the patio table. He also enjoyed eating it, too, of course.

Jonas: my fun-loving boy. He had a good time riding the "sled," i.e. shovel. Whoa there!

Indians Jonas and Miles:
And, of course, probably the favorite part of Thanksgiving Dinners to all kids 4 and under: OLIVES!

What yummy fun we had!


erin said...

yeah yeah yeah for pictures! cutest nephews ever.

rebecca said...

What fun! Snow for Thanksgiving! Look like you had a great holiday. Yummy everything - especially those 3 cuties in overalls. Love it.