Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Drive

We had a change of plans on Christmas Eve and decided to head up to my parents' new home the next day. We were in the middle of a great snow-storm at our home and were a little weary about heading out on Christmas Day (but wanted to beat a storm that was to come Wednesday at my parents' home - it never really came). But 10 minutes north of our home there was not a speck of new snow. Lucky us.

The post-Christmas nap - in the car, of course.

Emmy and her binky - she liked it for like 10 minutes. It was a nice 10 minutes, though.

I'll post more pictures later of our fun time here at my parents' home.

We hope all our friends and family had a wonderful Christmas - we love and miss all those we didn't see.

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Niederfam said...

Oh I feel for you and the traveling, I really do, and while Major is now ONE and has NO PART of a binky, it was a GREAT 6 months while he did!!! It can't hurt to try, eh????