Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Fun

Miles playing with his track-excavators and a whole bunch of other trucks. Yes, I know all of the names of the trucks. Miles has taught me well.

Jonas playing with his dump truck. He was a little "star-struck" with all the presents. But he sure did love it all.

Another toy for Miles - kind of a science-kit full of projects to do. Like make switches, send coded messages, turn on lights, spin a wind-mill, etc. He'll have fun doing these - with dad, of course.

Jonas enjoying some fun sugary Christmas cereal. Yum.

And cutie of course.


Niederfam said...

Looks like FUN....but I want to know why Jonas wasn't eating OATMEAL, he did get some, right??

emily said...

yes, indeed, he got oatmeal. :)

but dry oatmeal versus cinnamon toast crunch???? :)