Sunday, December 16, 2007

Deere Jonas, Happy Birthday. . .

Well our baby boy turned 2 on Friday. Here are pictures highlighting the special day:

Waking up with a decorated door and lots of balloons - and, yes, wet PJs. Why not?

We spent the morning playing. What else? When Ben came home Jonas was finally able to open some birthday presents! Yea!

He got a fun computer. I love this picture because all the kids have different expressions on their faces. Emmy is happy. Jonas is interested. And Miles is trying to figure out how this new thing operates.
Jonas loves his new computer and walks around holding it and playing with it and saying, "my 'puter."

Here he is mowing with his John Deere mower. How fun!

And here he is playing with some of the John Deere farm tractors he got.
The birthday boy and his birthday loot. Pretty fun and lucky!

And how did Miles do with all this? Pretty much as expected: wanting to play with all the toys and hoarding them all and declaring them all as "my toys." But, for the most part, Jonas was okay with this. He would just play with another new toy. I don't quite think he understood that it was his birthday and these were actually his toys. But perhaps Jonas doesn't think any toy is actually his - it's either " Miles' " or "not yours." That what I would think if I was Miles' little bro.

After dinner we of course had cake and ice cream. When I asked earlier in the week what kind of cake Jonas wanted, he replied, "Pie." So when he saw this he exclaimed, "My tractor! My PIE." Funny, and weird, boy.

Then we watched some short Christmas videos and then began the "sleeping under the tree" event. It's a much more fun IDEA then actual EVENT. Here are the boys all cute and innocent at 8pm:

8pm. They didn't fall asleep until 10pm - when Jonas was finally corralled inside his pack-n-play.
So although it wasn't quite as I had wanted it to be, i.e., Jonas getting free reign of his toys, the boys drifting quietly and peacefully (hahahahaha) off to sleep, etc., it was still a very special day honoring and very, very, very, very special boy.


Nicole said...

Sounds like it was a great day!! I totally love the pic too with all the different faces! So fun. And what a great cake! Did you make that? Wow, totally impressed if you did!!

erin said...

yeah, happy birthday jonas! only 10 days...

Jenson Family said...

Cute cake! Way to go! That turned out sooo awesome! What a fun day too. Yeah, isn't it sad to see how freely the older sibling reigns over the younger child's birthday toys??!

Niederfam said...

Too cute!!! I LOVE the tractor "pie" that I KNOW you created, GENIUS!!! Seriously how lucky is your little family, you are AMAZING!!! And I loved the Christmas letter you sent, I read it at my parents, PERFECT!! I know Major probably will never think anything really belongs to him either, courtesy of "bossy Mitt" which he isn't referred to always, but often!! :0

Melissa said...

Cool cake, you're adventurous!