Monday, December 31, 2007

Fun at the Folks' House

Here are loads of pictures showing the loads of fun we had over our Christmas vacation:

Sledding with the Avalanche, of course.

And just some good ol' snow-playing. There was plenty of snow when we got there and even more while we were there. Yea!

Piggy-backing with Grandpa G. Soooooo fun.

Playing air-hockey with Grandma Dixie. I'd like to add that Ben and I got some good playing time, too. And I usually (all except once) WON. Yea for me! I also beat my dad, but he's old so that's a given. :) But his reflexes were surprisingly way better than I would have guessed!

Dressing up as Santa Claus. "Ho, Ho," as Jonas would say.

Playing bowling with Auntie. Notice the bowling ball is in the air.

One of Jonas' favorite activities was turning on and off the fan and light in the office. He really and truly loved it.

The boys also had fun taking pictures with the camera. Jonas' picture is the first, and Miles' the second. (I really put these in to show Cutie).

Ben and I had a fun cross-country skiing date. How wonderful - the sweet company, the fresh snow, the beautiful area, and, yes, the childlessness. It was great!

Of course on the 6-hour drive home (of which there was only a 20-minute span of time where there were no whines, screams, or cries) I wondered if it was worth it.

Definitely. Definitely. Definitely.


Nicole said...

It was so fun to see you and Emmy. Looks like the whole family had a blast!

Megan said...

Looks like a fun time. Was that at your parents new home? It looks really nice. Glad you got some snow finally.

Niederfam said...

I'm sad I missed it and didn't get to see you and Emmy too! Your parents new place looks GREAT and I'm sure you all had a wonderful holiday..........did Derek come too?

emily said...

yes, megan, at my parent's home. it is nice. :)

i'm sad i missed seeing you, too, nat. derek did come. we got to hang out with him quite a bit - but he also was out with jeff (cousin) skiing quite a bit, too. good for him!

Jenson Family said...

Makes me shiver just looking at your pictures! Sooo cold!!!