Saturday, December 01, 2007

december ramblings

Yes, let the countdown begin. You might not be able to tell what the picture is - it's an advent calendar I made. (Perhaps I'll try taking a better picture and posting it later) My sister sent me this link and so I thought it would be fun to make for our family.

I read in a couple of different sources about adding "events" to an advent calendar - so on a few particular days you not only get a treat, but also an "event." So this year we'll be adding these 6 events into our advent calendar:

1. Sleeping under the Christmas tree (a Ben's family tradition; we plan on making it a yearly tradition - on Jonas' b-day)

2. Making gingerbread houses (a tradition that we like to do on Ben's birthday)

3. Making cookies and delivering them to Church teachers

4. Having hot chocolate before bedtime

5. Having the kids pick out and deliver 3 gifts each to Salvation Army - then going out for ice cream afterwards

6. Driving around looking at the Christmas lights.

How fun! I love December. But this silly RAIN better become loads of SNOW soon or I will be real mad!

The kids are getting pretty excited about Christmas; Miles asked if it was Christmas tonite. Not yet kiddo.

When Miles is asked what he wants for Christmas from Santa, he always replies, "A track excavator." When Jonas is asked what he wants from Santa, he always replies, "Oatmeal."



Megan said...

That sounds like so much fun - the events you are doing! I may steal some of them. Ellie would LOVE to sleep "under" the Christmas tree. I wonder if she would actually sleep?
I have a cute advent calendar I found to make as well, just haven't made it yet. Maybe I'll make it for next year.
Would love to see a closer version of yours

d&a said...

your kids say the greatest things!

rebecca said...

That is the most adorable advent calendar I have ever seen. Looks like I have a new project! Love it! Yes - I want to see a close up of yours.

emily said...

yes, i'm not so sure about the "sleeping" part, but we'll see. we'll probably set up a movie, keep the kids up late, and hopefully they will fall asleep.

i'll try to take some close-up pics - i need to do it in bright day light, though, so i won't have to use flash. we'll see if i remember and get around to it. :)

erin said...

i'm still trying to track down some sheet metal for mine, but then i'll post pics too.

i'm mailing jonas's birthday present today...santa might just visit early!!!

Michelle said...

When did you get to be so crafty? I'm impressed. I'll check out the link and see if I can figure it out. It looks cute from the picture. When is Jonas' birthday?

emily said...

jonas' b-day is the 14th! wowzers.

Nicole said...

Adorable advent calendar, I love it and want one too!! The events sound fun. You are a good mom :)

Niederfam said...

Good mom indeed!!! LOVE that calendar, but I start wondering who I could pay to make one for me....seriously I am that RETARDED!!!! It really is darling though......And consider yourself lucky with Jonas's request, I love it, Oatmeal, classic.....:)

Isa said...

Love the darling calendar and especially the great "events" lined up:):):)

rebecca said...

Emily - that link isn't working anymore! I really want to do this project. Would you please re-post the correct link? Thanks. :)

emily said...

hopefully it's working now, rebecca. let me know if it isn't. have fun!

rebecca said...

Yay! Thanks Emily. Hopefully I can go get all the stuff today. I'm running out of days. :)