Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Ginger-Ben Day

Well the Old Papa turned 32 yesterday. Ben had to work of course and so the day wasn't much different - except for increase backaches, stiffer joints, etc., I'm sure. But when he got home we did what will be an annual tradition on Ben's birthday - decorating gingerbread houses. We let the kids do theirs and then we did ours when they were in bed. Brilliant.
So Jonas basically stuck maybe 10 things on his house - after much prodding. He probably ate about 10 times that amount, though. Hmmmm, perhaps that's why he couldn't fall asleep until 9pm?
Miles decorated his entire house all on his own - putting the icing and candy on. The only thing I did was the sled and the boy "Miles" on it. The rest was all his beautiful creation. In this picture he is pointing to a "car" he made - right by the sled. Good work lad!

Here is Ben's lovely cottage. So sweet; I would live there. I'd probably get real fat and then real cold, but it'd be fun.
Here's my cabin in the forest. It looks so cozy; I wish we were there now.

Just for my journaling sake I want to record what Ben got for his birthday. "The Great Scandinavian Baking Book." Along with 2 important spices for scandinavian food: cardamom and saffron. It was all his request. Oh, yes, he also got the Tie. And some delicious homemade sweets from Grandma Dee. YUM.

A fun and yummy day.


Megan said...

Looks like fun. We are "sleeping" under the tree tonight - in your honor of course.
I may need to know what you think of Ben's new birthday book. I bet Greg would love me to get him a baking book like that - and then have me do the baking of course.

emily said...

ohhh, megs, let me know how sleeping under the tree went!

ben's book looks really great. i'll let you know after we try a recipe or two. ben will definitely be doing most of the baking from this book - not me. :)