Sunday, December 09, 2007

Our Annual Hunt for Charlie

Another Christmas season and thus another hunt for our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Mother Nature has been very bad in this part of the country (remember I mentioned rain in December?), but luckily the day before there was a big storm in the mountains (again, rain down in the valley) that dumped somewhere around 2 feet of fresh powder. Lovely.

Since we have Emmy with us now we couldn't all go out together in one happy bunch (although I remember from last year that we weren't really one happy bunch). So when we got there we let the boys play around in the snow for a little bit, while I hung out with Emmy watching the boys all play:

After the boys were done frolicking in the snow I got my boots and skis on and then loaded Jonas on my back to hunt for The Tree. We actually didn't go too far until I found one that would work. So I marked it with an orange rope, and then skied around a little bit more. I was having an absolute blast skiing with Jonas - he was adorable and having fun himself. I LOVE the snow and being out in it, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.

After we came back Ben got ready and took Miles out to find our marked tree and chop it down. They found the tree, chopped it down, and had a great time. Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad! Miles unfortunately didn't have a great time. And it's all his parent's fault - really. We don't have adequate snow-clothing for the kiddo and so he got cold. Poor kiddo. But I think overall he had fun - and hopefully that's what he'll remember.

Really, it was a good trip. Even juggling with three kids, it turned out really well. And I think Miles would even say it was a lot of fun - mingled with a lot of cold.

p.s. So we have no picture of The Tree inside our home yet since we didn't get it up until 11pm last nite (we had a church program we attended an hour after getting home from the hunt, then Ben had to work on his church talk, etc., etc.). So it is still sitting in our house naked. We'll work on that soon.


Nicole said...

How fun! We cut down our own tree a couple years ago in WY and I had no idea how fun it can be!! I'm sure your boys will remember it with fond memories, even if a little cold!!

erin said...

i am always so impressed with the things you do with your kids, em! way to go.

Niederfam said...

Seriously, I can't believe you, You totally put me to shame....TOTALLY, AWESOME story and adventure...and it's okay to be cold every now and then, it build character or something....can't wait to see your non-naked tree!!!

Sara said...

How lucky are you with all that snow! I'm so jealous! And I'm impressed you had all the stuff needed to cut down a tree and bring it home! I'm glad someone is having a real american christmas!

rebecca said...

You seriously rock Emily. Amazing.

emily said...

well i've wanted to comment that the only reason i'm able to do this type of stuff is because of my DH. he's great and always supportive and extremely helpful and necessary! so yeah for him.

rebecca said...

OK, you rock too Ben!

Michelle said...

I'm impressed. It looks like a lot of fun. Buy the poor kid some boots!