Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Business in the front, Party in the back

So it has happened again. It always does. I always swear I will never do it again, but, alas, I do. I then I regret it - always.

Yes, I am once again suffering from Post-Miles'-Haircut Depression. It's real, trust me. I thought it would be better this time (I always do). I can't totally blame the hairdresser - she was actually a very, very good cutter. There was just some, ahem, misdirection given by my, ahem, DH (dear husband, for those of you not familiar with DH).

So, Erin, can Miles borrow/share the name of Mr. Mullet for the next couple of months??

"Mullet (haircut)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A mullet is a hairstyle that is short in the front, top, and sides, but long in the back (also referred to by a number of other names, some regional, including hockey hair, helmet hair, etc.).It's also described as "business in the front, party in the back". The hairstyle was popular during the late 20th Century, from the early 1970s to the early 1990s. Mullets have been worn by males and females of all ages. The mullet is distinct from the rattail, which consists of a long, narrow "tail" of hair growing from the back of the head."

So it could be worse, instead of Mr. Mullet Miles could have been Mr. Rattail (Hopefully the only one in my family that will EVER have that nickname is my brother Derek - in the 80s, of course.)


Ben said...

Emily, I think that he has a wonderful mullet. And who better to bring the mullet back into fashion than Miles. No, seriously, I didn't mean for his hair to be a mullet. I would take it back if I could. Love you!


erin said...

ooh, how can you be mad at the DH after that sweet note?!?! i couldn't. but I GUESS you can borrow that name. we'll just have two mr. mullet's over christmas, one fetal, one not-so-fetal. but i want to see pictures of this mullet!

emily said...

ohhh, yes, ben is totally forgiven for 3 reasons:

1. posting a comment on my blog - wahoo!

2. he's right: who better to bring the mullet back than cutie miles?

3. the 10-minute shoulder-massage he'll give me tonite. :) hehe.


and, erin, we'll see about getting a pic.

erin said...

it's soooo not as bad as i thought! and did you put the sweater on the shoulders for added 80s effect?! awesome! 8 days...

d&a said...

i guess you could always surrender the party in the back with a trim. oh well at least you know it will grow again, and besides, he's adorable so no worries!

Sara said...

I think his hair is SO cute! That style is totally back, and it isn't a "billy ray Cyrus" kinda mullet, it is a cool kid driving around in his SUV going snowboarding kinda hair cut! GO Miles! He is adorable!

emily said...

yes, and thank you everyone. i still think he is adorable.

i know about cutting the "party in the back" but i just can't do it. i love my long-haired boys and want some of it kept - even it that means a mullet.

and, yes, going for the 80s, erin.

Jenson Family said...

I LOVE mullets! They are sweet! I am laughing! You are too too funny!