Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Something About Miles and Something About Jonas and Something About Mary (not really)

I had never asked Miles to draw people, so yesterday I thought I would. And this was the result. It's Dad and Mom. Pretty cute. (I also wanted to show this picture to try out my new printer/copier/scanner.)

The next pictures show one of the differences in being a 2nd child, as opposed to the 1st child:

Miles didn't touch a pair of scissors - especially "adult" scissors - until like, ummmm, a few months ago! But seeing Miles use scissors, Jonas just couldn't understand why he couldn't too. And Jonas was so into cutting, so serious about it (which is so unlike him) that I couldn't stop him.

Perhaps being a middle-child won't be so bad after all - right, Jonas?


Megan said...

There is a way to remedy the middle child problem. :)

emily said...

huh, why yes there is. . .

but, still, he'd be the middle child - there would just be 2 middle children???? right?

Nicole said...

I love the drawings! And it's true, sometimes I feel like a middle child although I'm really 4th :)

Brooke said...

Emily!! Your advent calendar looks awesome! I actually saw that idea on that same link but had already started working on mine, so I just went with it. Next year I want to add the little activities as well. I love how yours turned out.

And thanks for your tradition ideas. I loved the one about the sugary cereal! :)

And I love the drawings--there's nothing like toddlers' versions of a "stick person." :)

erin said...

i too love the pics. and being a middle child ain't so bad. i think i turned out okay.