Monday, January 28, 2008

Quote of the Week

"Sometimes if we use our binoculars we can see Heaven and see him (President Hinckley) on the stairs."
~ Miles

I was talking to Miles and Jonas this morning about the passing of our much beloved prophet President Hinckley. I was explaining about Heaven (which Miles originally declared was in the temple) and other things. Then Miles came up with this quote.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Our HOT Date on ICE

So Ben's parents have been here since Thursday. We've enjoyed their company and generosity, and them cleaning our carpets and babysitting. How lucky are we? This morning we went out on a date - to a local pond that froze over (there is no risk of the ice breaking and falling through. I mean, the ice might break but the pond is probably 2-3 feet at its deepest. Even I wouldn't drown in that depth).

Ben just adores ice skating - and it is so much the better when we can do it outside. I don't think I've skated since the Gallivan Center. Oh that was quite The Night. It was a little over 6 years ago and it was that night that Ben and I looked at rings at decided that, yes, we were going to go ahead and get married. Wow, such a long time ago. I think I felt (wobbly ankles, perhaps?) and looked (wrinkles, perhaps?) and acted (clumsier, perhaps?) older at this ice-skating adventure than the one 6 years ago. But I guess that is just bound to happen. Although I think I was more affected by this whole older thing than Ben. He looked very good out there on the ice. I mean he was practically melting the pond - he was that hot.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quote of the Week

"A child is a curly dimpled lunatic."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

How did Emerson know Miles?

New Thing

Thanks to my MIL (who credited her daughter, my SIL), she alerted me to a fantastic quote (see above post). So now I am going to do a "quote of the week." I will post them as side-bars. But since I want to also archive/save these quotes, I will post the quote as a separate post each week (make any sense?).

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cowboy Take Me Away

During college my favorite lyrics/song was the Dixie Chicks' Cowboy Take Me Away. I wanted that life sung about in the song; my daydreams were patterned after the song. So I thought it would be fun to revisit the lyrics and see how close I'm living my "dream life."

  • I said I wanna touch the earth (I have played in lots and lots of dirt with my three boys)

  • I wanna break it in my hands (I have helped hoe and weed our 4 gardens)

  • I wanna grow something wild and unruly (Miles and Jonas can definitely fit here)

  • I wanna sleep on the hard ground (camping trips. . .)

  • In the comfort of your arms On a pillow of bluebonnets In a blanket made of stars (our homes in NY and here have a plentiful blanket of stars due to lack of real city lights)


  • Oh it sounds good to me I said

  • Cowboy take me away (Ben has TWO pair of cowboy boots)

  • Fly this girl as high as you can Into the wild blue (We've flown to NY and then back west)

  • Set me free oh I pray Closer to heaven above (we live at about 5600 feet elevation)

  • and Closer to you closer to you

  • I wanna walk and not run (whoops, i run 5-6 days/week)

  • I wanna skip and not fall (well i did slip and fall on some black ice on my morning run the other day. . .)

  • I wanna look at the horizon and not see a building standing tall (uh, yeah. where we live there are no tall buildings. none.)

  • I wanna be the only one for miles and miles (i am the only mom for Miles)

  • Except for maybe you and your simple smile

(repeats chorus and first verse)

Huh. Who woulda thought marrying Ben and having 3 kiddos would help me in living close to my dream life?

That's right. Me.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

Just some random pictures showing some random things:

This is how Emmy sleeps always. I put her down every time in the middle of the bed, but against the bumper pad (ever since she was a newborn she had to snuggle up against something). So somehow every time she manages to scoot to the top of the crib and kink her neck just so. Every time.

Okay, so who's naptime do you think it was? Riiiight, not Ben's. Ben got real sleepy after reading Miles his books and decided to nap. Miles, on the other hand, decided not to nap but instead to drop books on his sleeping dad. Pretty funny to me. (Per Ben: he knew the book-dropping business was occurring, but was too tired to do anything about it.)

Saturday's sledding trip. I just have to say I think it so funny that Jonas looks so chubby when dressed in his snow-gear. He always does. And he's probably the skinniest one of us all.

Ummmmm, all dressed for bed? Pajamas and mom and dad's boots.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Eternity Bread

This is what this bread will be called in our house forever more. Ben baked it and got the recipe from his Scandanavian Cookbook that he got for his birthday. The books calls it "Danish Country Egg Bread." But, alas, in our house it shall henceforth be called Eternity Bread. For two reasons. The first reason because, before we sliced it and started eating it, it was in a lovely braided circle. And whenever we discuss "eternal" things with Miles and Jonas (like eternal love, families, etc.), we use the example of a circle and how there is no beginning and no end.
The second reason is because from this bread I understood perhaps another reason why we get married for eternity. Let me explain. . .

So, Ben got home from work and this was our discussion:

Me: "Ohhhhh, I've been waiting to slice and eat your bread for dinner" (to go along with our yummy Baked Oatmeal). "I'm excited."

Ben: "Really, you really like it?"

Me: "Yes! It's really good."

Ben: "Huh, that surprises me."

Me: "Why?" (I was trying to give him a chance to prove that he actually did know something about me that perhaps I didn't or had just fogotten. But that was not to be. . . )

Ben: "Because it's just plain."


I love plain things. Yes, I am the girl who ate a plain, Rich's whole-wheat bagel just about every day for lunch for 2 or so years. Not toasted, sliced, heated, or topped. Yes, I am the girl who ate whole-wheat cereal for breakfast just about every day for 2 or so years as well. Yes, I am even the girl who likes to eat your Johnny Cakes - which are so plain. I love plain things.

So maybe, just maybe, we are married for eternity so that the closer we get to eternity Man might understand Woman. Might.

But I won't be holding my breath.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Busy Bee Preschool

The "mommy 'n me" school is officially and technically called Busy Bee Preschool. I get the lessons and craft ideas, etc. from the Busy Bee Preschool website. My sister's sister-in-law recommended it to me and I have enjoyed it - as well as my student, Miles. For $8/month you get 2 lessons a week all laid out, along with print-outs and craft ideas. The lessons can be adapted for just one kid, several, or a whole little preschool. I usually do less than 1/2 the stuff in each lesson - as the lesson would probably take at least 1/2 a day. But I think it's great because the lessons are really simple (based a lot on President Hinckley's B's), and I would never come up with them on my own. So they are really helpful to me.

Our latest lesson was on Washing Our Hands (the theme for January is "I can BEE healthy). I adapted and changed some stuff, but all the ideas came from Busy Bee stuff. We started out by doing our numbers. I have pre-cutted numbers, 1-20, on snowflake paper. Today I use a rectangle old cracker box for a telescope. Miles would close his eye as I stuck up a "number-star" on the door (i.e, the "sky"). Then Miles would put his telescope over his eyes, open his eyes, and search for the star - and then have to tell me what number it was. He liked that.

Then we reviewed our past lessons for the month (eating good food and exercising) and then discussed this lesson. I had drawn an ugly germ on one hand and a "pretty lady" on the other. Then the germ talked (real ugly like) and the pretty lady talked about how to get rid of the germ. Miles really didn't like the germ at all and was totally excited when it was time to wash the germ off! Luckily the permanent marker I used (duh) srubbed/scratched off - it would not have been a good lesson otherwise. Miles wanted me to keep the pretty lady on.

Then we did our craft: blow art. Miles really, really enjoyed this! I didn't have a straw and so we improvised by rolling up a piece of paper - it worked great except it kept getting soggy so I just taped the top of it and that seemed to really help. I just love how Miles thinks everything is fun and neat. (When you watch the video it was Miles who came up with what each design looked like - except for the lion, that was me.)

After that we read our "new" book - from the library. The lessons all have a least one book listed to go along with the lesson and so that is always a huge highlight for Miles - he loves having a new book read to him.

We both really enjoy it. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Updated Stats and More, A Lot More

Emmy and Jonas had their well-child check-ups yesterday - Emmy for her 4-month and Jonas for his 2-year. It went as expected with 3 kids - crazy, but fine. Here is the stats and an update on each:


She is in the 5th percentile for weight, 14th for head circumference, and 26th for height. Not bad for my child. Although she is "tall and skinny," she really doesn't look it and even has chubby thigh-rolls! My first kid to have rolls. I was so excited to see them the other day. :) So cute. Let's just hope she doesn't continue to have the "Galbraith thighs" as she gets older. She started "blowing raspberries" a few days ago and it is one of the cutest things I've seen. My other kids never really did that. She gabs a lot - especially to doctors! For her 2 and 4-month visits she just "talked" up a storm with the docs - it was adorable. She's adorable. She went to town rolling over at the doc's, too. We had a huge room (perhaps they saw me with my 3 kids) and so I put her on the ground and I think since it was flat (as opposed to our house!) it was a bit easier for her. She continues to wake up every 3-4 hours during the night to feed. I know it's not necessary and the doc also told me that, so sometime in the near future we'll start weaning her from one of her night-time feedings. She doesn't cry at night - she just squeaks and squeals and squirms. She is adored and adores her brothers.


He is in the 5th percentile for weight (Yea! He finally got back on the curve!) and 13th for height. Again, not surprising for my child. He was really, really opposed to having the doctor look in his mouth. In fact, he refused it. "Don't like it." She (the doc) never really got a look in his mouth. The doc barely got a peek in his ears as well. Whatever. He is really into "peeing" in the toilet. Oftentimes he'll take off his pants and diaper and runs to the bathroom. He's never actual peed, though, but it's a start. Once he wanted to sit on the toilet and was quite frightened of it and as I was bear-holding him he kept telling me, "Don't let me fall, mom." I didn't let him down. He had a phase that I am hoping is over - that of taking off his clothes while in his crib, at the beginning of his nap time. Once I went in there and found him stark naked. It was funny, but I had to act like it wasn't. Crazy kid. He still adores Emmy but as she is getting more into toys I can see him getting more "upset" with her. "No, Emmy, don't take that toy." But he still calls her Cutie and smothers her with kisses.


I'll take him for his 4-year (WHAT?!?!) check-up in 2 months. When asked what he wants for his birthday he told me he wants ME to make him a really big Track Excavator (ummm, no, Miles, I really don't think you'd want what I could make you!). He's really trying to be nice to people and compliment them often. At my parents' home he'd tell my mom, "I really like how you have that there" (some decoration thing). He always tells Ben, "Daddy, I really like your beard." He tells me how he likes my hair barrets, my shirts, etc. (Yes, even once he said, "Mom, I really like your boobs.") He is so sweet and tries to say nice things to us. He loves it when we do "school" and thanked me the other do for doing it, "Thanks, Mom, for doing school with me." Awwww, how precious. He's really into the letter M and whenever he sees it he exclaims, "There's MY M!" He can write out his name fairly well. When asked how you spell his name he will say, "M I E L S."

The boys have enjoyed all of the snow we've been getting. One of their favorite things is to eat a bowl full of snow with syrup poured over it. I did that as a kid in Virginia (do you remember that, Erin?) and have now passed on that lovely tradition to my kids. When we were out playing Monday morning Miles reminded me that I needed to get them some snowy-syrup treat before going inside. RightEO. (It's also good for Ben since I'm using that Lite-Syrup he bought and hates - the kids don't mind it.)

And Wilson. We decided to give him a work-out today and hooked him up to the avalanche to pull the kids! He did it once. Then he was done pretty much. Ben had to coax him to do it again. The last time I got a piece of meat and we dropped that on the sidewalk and so Wilson went after that! Hehe. The boys thought it was pretty funny!

And that's that.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hats off, It's a Three-Way Tie. . .

between Emmy, Jonas, and Miles for being Our Cutest Kid.