Thursday, January 10, 2008

Busy Bee Preschool

The "mommy 'n me" school is officially and technically called Busy Bee Preschool. I get the lessons and craft ideas, etc. from the Busy Bee Preschool website. My sister's sister-in-law recommended it to me and I have enjoyed it - as well as my student, Miles. For $8/month you get 2 lessons a week all laid out, along with print-outs and craft ideas. The lessons can be adapted for just one kid, several, or a whole little preschool. I usually do less than 1/2 the stuff in each lesson - as the lesson would probably take at least 1/2 a day. But I think it's great because the lessons are really simple (based a lot on President Hinckley's B's), and I would never come up with them on my own. So they are really helpful to me.

Our latest lesson was on Washing Our Hands (the theme for January is "I can BEE healthy). I adapted and changed some stuff, but all the ideas came from Busy Bee stuff. We started out by doing our numbers. I have pre-cutted numbers, 1-20, on snowflake paper. Today I use a rectangle old cracker box for a telescope. Miles would close his eye as I stuck up a "number-star" on the door (i.e, the "sky"). Then Miles would put his telescope over his eyes, open his eyes, and search for the star - and then have to tell me what number it was. He liked that.

Then we reviewed our past lessons for the month (eating good food and exercising) and then discussed this lesson. I had drawn an ugly germ on one hand and a "pretty lady" on the other. Then the germ talked (real ugly like) and the pretty lady talked about how to get rid of the germ. Miles really didn't like the germ at all and was totally excited when it was time to wash the germ off! Luckily the permanent marker I used (duh) srubbed/scratched off - it would not have been a good lesson otherwise. Miles wanted me to keep the pretty lady on.

Then we did our craft: blow art. Miles really, really enjoyed this! I didn't have a straw and so we improvised by rolling up a piece of paper - it worked great except it kept getting soggy so I just taped the top of it and that seemed to really help. I just love how Miles thinks everything is fun and neat. (When you watch the video it was Miles who came up with what each design looked like - except for the lion, that was me.)

After that we read our "new" book - from the library. The lessons all have a least one book listed to go along with the lesson and so that is always a huge highlight for Miles - he loves having a new book read to him.

We both really enjoy it. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Megan said...

I am sooo glad you shared this. I have been looking for something to do with Ellie to help her brain develop. That site sounds great and it isn't super expensive. We will have to look into it.
I have to ask, was Miles mouth all orange and green after the craft?

emily said...

the only paint on the kid was a mark on his arm. that's it. i was impressed - and relieved. :)

erin said...

so fun! did you get that from linda? i can't remember. i'm glad that miles is enjoying it.

rebecca said...

Emily, you are such a good mom. You really are. So inspiring. What fun memories you are creating for your kids. They are lucky to have you.

emily said...

thanks rebecca, but remember: my blog usually shows the Highlights of my Mommyness. there are many, many, many Lowlights that don't make it. :)

Niederfam said...

AWESOME idea....I'll have to let Mitt try the blow art, I know he'd get a kick out of it!!

Brooke said...

You are the coolest. :) Thanks for sharing this fun stuff.