Saturday, January 26, 2008

Our HOT Date on ICE

So Ben's parents have been here since Thursday. We've enjoyed their company and generosity, and them cleaning our carpets and babysitting. How lucky are we? This morning we went out on a date - to a local pond that froze over (there is no risk of the ice breaking and falling through. I mean, the ice might break but the pond is probably 2-3 feet at its deepest. Even I wouldn't drown in that depth).

Ben just adores ice skating - and it is so much the better when we can do it outside. I don't think I've skated since the Gallivan Center. Oh that was quite The Night. It was a little over 6 years ago and it was that night that Ben and I looked at rings at decided that, yes, we were going to go ahead and get married. Wow, such a long time ago. I think I felt (wobbly ankles, perhaps?) and looked (wrinkles, perhaps?) and acted (clumsier, perhaps?) older at this ice-skating adventure than the one 6 years ago. But I guess that is just bound to happen. Although I think I was more affected by this whole older thing than Ben. He looked very good out there on the ice. I mean he was practically melting the pond - he was that hot.


Sara said...

You go on dates? Lucky you! You have frozen ponds? That sorta thing exsists? And they aren't filled with showgirls and perpetual gamblers? Interesting. I'm moving to where you live!

emily said...

yes we were lucky to go on a date. :) in the last 4 years (since we've started having kiddos), i can count the number of dates we've gone on on my 2 hands. but it used to be one hand, so that's good!

we would LOVE to have you here - it really is a nice place to live. if you like frozen ponds, of course.

erin said...

frozen ponds scare me. c has NO problem with them, but whoa. good for you. and ben does look like he's got the moves!

Niederfam said...

Ben does look like a Pro, I must admit.....Mitt wanted to see the skating rink over and over and over again, he's still bummed his didn't fit in Santa's sleigh!!! :)

rebecca said...

Wooh-yeah! Hot! He looks like a pro! Sounds like a fabulous date. And YES, you guys need to get out more often than 10 or less times in 4 years.