Wednesday, February 27, 2008


As many of you know the 27th is a big day in our family. Here is why in case you don't know:

March 27 - my birthday
April 27 - our wedding anniversary
May 27- my folks' anniversary
August 27 - emmy's birthday
September 27 - my 1/2 birthday
December 27 - 2 of my SIL's (and BIL's, i guess!) anniversary

Which brings me to today. Today is special for 2 reasons:

My Wonderful and Beautiful Grandma Phyllis (also known as the "jelly bean" Grandma) turns 90 today! Wowzers. Happy Birthday Grandma! She is a very active 90 year-old. If it weren't for macular degeneration she'd be as healthy as a 60-year old and touring the world - oh wait, she still tours the world. She just got back yesterday from a cruise she took with her daughter and son-in-law. She's amazing and we all love her very, very much.

Also, today marks Emmy's 6-month mark. Yea! I'm not sure of her current "stats" since we don't go to the doctor's until a couple more weeks, but I do know a whole bunch of more important things than her weight and height. Like how she makes me Smile every single day. Like how much she Adores her brothers and how much they Adore her. Like how she doesn't stop moving when she's awake and how she so wants to start crawling. Like how she can sit-up for a few seconds and then falls over. Like how she much more prefers to fall over on my bed rather than our floor. Like how beautiful she is. Like how congested she is. Like how she squeals rather than cries at night. Like how she's getting more hair - even in her back bald spot. Like how she Loved eating rice cereal until she got her cold and now won't touch the stuff. Like how the last 6-months have been really and truly wonderful With Her. Like how I Love Her.


Niederfam said...

the 27th is popular.....i never knew...:)sweet little list for your darling little girl, who cares about the height and weight stuff anyway, right????

erin said...

hooray for the 27th! and emmy is really starting to look like a "maxwell." fun for you!

Sara said...

She looks darn near perfect to me! I had no idea the 27th was such a big deal to your family! That is really really cool. You gonna plan your next kid to be born on the 27th too? Encourage your kids to get married on that day? have your boys leave and return from their missions on that day as well?

KattandJas said...

Im shocked that she is 6 months old already. Since moving to montrose time seems to fly by so much faster. Im not sure if thats good or bad. I think She is the cutest little thing ever!

Nicole said...

The 27th is also a great day for me! My bday is Sept. 27th, so your half bday! Sweet! Who knew?!