Friday, February 01, 2008

Flashback Friday

A little trip down memory lane again - this time memory lane is in New York. While only there a year, we have many fond (and many not-so-fond) memories. One of the things I loved best there were my runs (and, Kristen, don't even think I'm talking about IBS). Anyways, I absolutely had the best running route ever there. Beats running in Sandy, UT; Provo, UT; somewhere, CT; Grand Junction, CO, and especially Montrose, CO. They weren't easy runs, often quite frightening (I'll explain later), but always, always, always beautiful. Even the same run pretty much every day - always beautiful.

My run started from our driveway - immediately on a huge, steep incline (remember this is the East; it's hilly there). I think it was about 0.6 miles up to the top of our street, but it felt like 4. But during the incline I'd run past neat homes, thick forests (we lived in the "rural" part of the city), and horses. And whatever other animals that were around. I'd vary my run from here occassionally, but it was always just a great run - running in the woods (but really on a paved road - which was scarely driven on - in a neighborhood).

The frightening part of my runs were the "wildlife." In particular: the Wild Turkeys. They scared me. There was a whole flock (or whatever you call a group of Wild Turkeys) of them that lived in our area. They were Huge (please remeber, I am 4'10). And 9/10 times I ran by myself. I didn't grow up with Wild Turkeys and so I didn't know anything about them. Did they like me? Did they want to befriend me? Did they want to show me their home? Or did they just want to eat my head off? I was convinced the answer to the last questions was yes, indeed. For no good nor sensible reason. So whenever the Wild Turkeys were in my way (or I in their way?), I started "clucking." I don't know why. It just seemed, ummmm, the natural thing to do. And you know what, it worked. They scattered and left me alone. I swear that the reason my head is still attached to my body today is because of the "clucking."

Even weirder than my fear of these Wild Turkeys (oh how miss them now) was that we had reports often of A Bear in our neighborhood. And I was less afraid of Him then the Wild Turkeys. But I'm sure If I had seen A Bear on my run I would have definitely peed my pants. I smart enough to know that "clucking" probably wouldn't have scared Him away.

I didn't dare go running in the mornings before Ben left for work (I think I would have had to have left by about 5:45am and it was still dark, really dark. Really dark with Wild Turkeys.) Luckily I only had Miles and so we would go out in the mid-morning time and run together. I relished that - I got the best of two worlds then: running AND talking with my then only-child. It was good. And of course I ran during my pregnancy with Jonas. I would push Miles in my stroller and lug Jonas in my belly. Lovely. But it did get me a spot in some local magazine:

Here's the article:

For Emily Maxwell, a run with her son, Miles, along the hilly roads near her home "just makes me feel better. I have more energy. I just feel good getting outside, and physically I think it's definitely kept me in shape," Maxwell said.

Maxwell, a registered nurse, who works one day a week at Wilson Memorial Regoinal Medical Center in Johnson City, is five months pregnant with her second child. Her husband, Ben, 29, also a registered nurse, works in the Wilson Medical Center's OR.

Pushing Miles up a steep hill in the jogging stroller recently, Maxwell noted that "usually, when you work out, it gets easier and easier, but it's not - not at this stage. But it's OK. I go what I feel I can go, and I slow down when I need to. It feels good to get out - no matter how slow I go."

Every so often, Maxwell paused in her run to pick up a stone or a couple of sticks for Miles. "Right now, I'm just teaching him about getting out, about being outside," the mother said. "It's just me and him, and there's so much to see out here. I talk to him about the trees and the birds. It's just our time to explore, and he gets his supply of sticks," she said with a smile.

Once or twice a week, Ben joins Emily and Miles for a run, and the parents take turns pushing the stroller: "He gets the jogger on the uphills," Emily laughed.

Last June, the couple visited family in Utah, and while there they ran a 10K race while pushing Miles in the jogger. "It was fun," Ben Maxwell said.

(Ha. I love that eloquently stated quote from Ben: "It was fun." That's my man of many words.)

So these days as I run along the Bypass with the passing of semi-trucks and the driving of automobiles, I occassionally get a smell of Skunk and think fondly of my not-then-friends the Wild Turkeys.


erin said...

having done a couple of these runs with emily, i can vouch for the hilliness. i can also vouch for the "rural-ness" of the experience. she is not kidding when she said she lives in the rural part of the city. (city--ha--that makes me laugh.) and yep, those turkeys were scary.

d&a said...

doug's fam has some property west of jackson hole where we go camping several time each year. the potential for bears is not what i'm afraid of, oh no...it's the wild turkeys that cluck and flap around the tents! to make matters worse, doug told me just last night that he has put in for a wild guajolote tag. he wants to hunt a wild turkey this year. too funny that you posted on them today.

Jenson Family said...

How awesome you are! I LOVE the article! You are pretty amazing. I think if that bear came after me, I'd just stop and be like "I'm yours Buddy" because there's no way I could run more than about 10 feet! I am in no way a runner... Too bad though, because runners have awesome bodies!

Megan said...

Picturing you clucking at the turkeys cracks me up. Funny that you instinctively knew what to do to get them out of the way. I'd probably be scared of them too.
We have a lot of wildlife in our neighborhood. We've seen coyotes, owls, a bobcat (Ryan swears it was a mountain lion), possums, rattlesnakes (Alex found one!), rats, black widows, racoons, but mostly I'm just scared of our nextdoor neighbor.

Michelle said...

Love your blog. Always makes me smile. So Thanks!

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

Hey em! So random.......I was looking at a friends blog and found you!!! Anyways I had no idea you were a blogger! So fun! I also missed the newspaper of you!!! You looked amazing! Way to go! Anyways can't wait to see Jonas tomorrow! Love lezlee!

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

I found you through leslie's site who I found through another friends. I was just checking out spots and found maxwells and my friend thought she knew the last name from somewhere so we clicked on Maxwells and I about died when I realized it was you!