Sunday, February 03, 2008

Hodge Podge, Mod Podge, and Quote of the Week

Whew, that's a lot.

Well for the hodge podge part: I got a job. I'll be working for a home health agency here in town as a RN. Not that I think I'll be doing too many RN-specific/needed responsibilities, but I guess that will be okay. For this stage of life that I am in (the one that basically requires me to be within 3 hours of any given child at any given part of the day/nite), home health really caters to it. I'll just be working every other Thursday and will be given 5 patients each day to go in and assess, take vitals, educate - but mostly, I think, just to "visit." Huh. Interesting. As a RN on the med-surg floor, this whole "visiting with your patient" thing will be new. I think it'll be nice. Except for those patients (who fellow RNs know exactly whom I am talking about). But I'm excited to just have something different to do then what I have been doing for basically the past 1400 days.

The mod podge part:

I'm incredible lucky to have an extremely crafty and talented sister, as well as many other crafty and talented friends. One of those friends posted some great ideas recently on her blog for ValentiMe's gifts. I stole her first idea, but changed it slightly. I will be doing my kids' pictures later on when we arrange our house a bit differently so I know where I'll be putting it. But it's always fun to make something crafty - and always a bonus when it is so super cheap because then I can actually do it and not just think about it. So I bought some really nice stone tiles at Home Depot ($5.97/pack of 9 4x4 tiles), found some awesome pictures of flowers on the web, printed them out at home on photo paper, and mod podged them on. Fun. I'll be hanging them up in the bathroom. But question for all you crafty folk: how should I hang them? Ben and I have thought about placing ribbon on the back with a glue-gun and hanging them up that way? Hopefully the glue would be strong enough. Or finding some plate-hanger thingys (ya know what I am talking about???). Or what? Ideas would be helpful.

Finally, Quote of the Week:



He says it a lot of times at people when he doesn't like what they say or do. Examples: "Jonas, do not do that (that implying a whole assortment of activities)." "Grrrr." Or, "Jonas get your pajamas on." "Grrrrr." Or, Jonas will get a toy taken away by Miles or pushed down by Miles. "Grrrr." (Or, as just happened tonight: "Grrrrr Wilson." After Wilson the Dog ate the last few bites of Jonas' FHE Rice Krispie treat) I think you get it.


erin said...

i think the ribbon would be awesome. you could always do one (did you use all nine tiles?) as a test to see how well it holds.

and that is sooo funny about jonas. i wonder where he picked up that?!

Brooke said...

Congrats on the job, I did pediatric home health and enjoyed it, esp. getting to know families really well and the flexible hours.

Also, i LOVE how your tiles turned out! Great idea. I've thought about how to hang them, and pretty much had the same ideas as you. Either on a little easle, with ribbon or on plate racks. Or you could just grout them into your existing bathroom tile. HA HA HA! :)

PS: CUTE family pic!

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

LOVE the craft! Keep those coming! They are so cute! Love Jonas!! He hasn't said it in nursery yet, but I'll keep my ear out!! He's so fun! Congrats on your job! I am so excited for you! I still think you are amazing to keep on with nursing with 3 kids! GO GIRL!

Nicole said...

Yeah, congrats on the job! I'm sure it will be nice to get out for a bit doing something other than errands (and making some money too)!!

Yes, the tiles are way cute! What a good idea. And I liked the quote, too funny!