Sunday, February 17, 2008

Quote of the Week

"Don't worry Jonas, we'll get it back."

Famous last words. So here's the story: everything I do with these kids (Miles in particular) is a battle. I know I am to choose my battles, and I do, and that still leaves me with everything I do is a battle. Anyhow, at meal or snack time I want the kids to eat. Go figure, I'm weird. The kids can and do play all day long and so I feel they should eat when it's meal or snack time. And if they don't, then I do things. Like I set a timer and whatever is not eaten when it goes off gets put away or thrown out. Or somtimes I'll threaten them that if they leave their chairs again I'll take their food away. Since I don't threaten that I'll take their food away for good, they usually get it back when they are back in their seats.


But. . . about 2 weeks ago they boys were driving me crazy. Ben was coming home late from work (it was his long day and so he was suppose to be home around 5:30, but wouldn't be home until later). The kids were, of course, driving me crazy by then. They were playing ring-around-the-rosy, run around the kitchen, run into the family room, etc. Sure some people might think that's cute. I didn't that day. So I told them if they got out of their seats one more time that I would take their dinner away.

They got out. I took away their dinner. Jonas screamed and whined. Then Miles calmly told Jonas, "Don't worry Jonas, we'll get it back."

Wrong thing to say to a cranky mom. Needless to say, they did not get their dinners back that nite.


KattandJas said...

Aww sweet Miles always looking out for his brother! BTW i enjoyed your comments in Relief Society TodaY!

rebecca said...

Oh great! I just posted on my blog about my frustration with my kids not eating. I guess I can't depend on you for the magical answer I'm looking for. :)

I would have done the same thing if I heard "don't worry . . ."

Jenson Family said...

I'm just relieved to hear that other people have these kinds of days!! Thank you!

erin said...

love the tough love, em. nicely done.

d&a said...

way to stick to your guns on that one. i'm sure it's difficult when your kids are so cute!

Brooke said...

I love this. I can SOOOO relate. :) I love how they think they've got you figured out and then you pull a fast one on them! :)