Friday, February 15, 2008

A Sweet Valentine's Day

So our V-day turned out to be really, really good. I cheesed it to the max by having us all wear red - well all except Ben. I figured, why not?
Me trying to take a picture of Emmy, The Cute Valentine Babe, before she topples over. I caught her.
I took all the kids and went to a V-day party that some girl in our ward hosted. It was full of kiddos decorating cookies and eating and making huge messes - so it was a total success! (Thanks for the pic, Lezlee!)When Ben got home the boys got to open their Valentine's goodies from us. They pretty much acted exactly like I thought they would. Both excited about their chocolate dump-trucks in different way:Jonas by eating it.

And Miles by looking at it and playing with it because "it's a toy." (He keeps it in his little McQueen Box - I'm not sure when/if he'll eat it).

And Emmy enjoyed chewing on the wrapper:

Then after dinner we got the kids ready to go to our neighbors to be babysat. The couple is in our ward (their daughter is Miles' sunbeam's teacher - she should know better. . .) and came over last week and said, "Next Thursday is Valentine's Day and we are taking your kids." How nice is that? Miles declared early in the day that he wanted to walk over to the neighbor's house all by himself with no mommy or daddy and that he would hold Jonas' hand so that Jonas would not run out into the street. Okay. So Ben called the neighbors when the kids were ready and watched them walk over. How cute is this:

Ben and I had a fabulous date. We went running in the beautiful snow and we loved it. So fun and pretty and wonderful to talk to somebody on my run. Loved it. Then we went out for dessert (counter-productive?) and just had fun reminiscing about our courtshipin' days at the Y. Some fun, fun times - then and now.

We came home and got the kids. The report: fine. They said Emmy took a while falling asleep (my interpretation: she finally fell asleep like 5 minutes before we got there), but that all was well. Miles was pretty bummed that we came back because they were going to watch a long movie. Jonas was ready to have me back. By the time we got home and kids in bed it was about 9:30ish. It was a very, very good Valentine's -and exhausting.

But that's life these days - very, very good (although sometimes it's very, very not-so-good) and exhausting.


Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

I am so glad you had fun on your run!!! Your pictures turned out so cute!!! I loved the pictures of them walking together in the snow!! Glad you had a good vday! Thanks for the link! I LOVE IT! It says they'll ship the table, but not the chairs!!

erin said...

what i want to know is how long until miles's chocolate melts?!?!

Kristen said...

Cute Valentine Pictures Em!

rebecca said...

Wow! What big boys you have.

I love that Jonas gobbled his up and Miles is keeping his forever. How adorable. I'm always so amazed at how these sweet little people who have pretty much the same days with the same people can have such different ideas and personalities. Love it!

Nicole said...

So cute! Love the chocolate trucks!