Wednesday, February 13, 2008


So I don't think I've ever been "tagged" before. This tag is appropriate for the upcoming holiday. :) So here it goes:

What is your hubby's name? Benjamin Miles

How long have you been together? We'll be married 6 years this April

How long did you date? We started "hanging out" in April/Mayish, emailed during my 6-week stay in Guatemala that summer, started dating that August, and married on April 27th - so about one-year

Who said I love you first? Ben. My response: "You do?" (how romantic am I?)

Who is taller? uh Ben. Who is not taller than me?

Who is smarter? This totally depends. Perhaps I have a history of being a "better student." But Ben is way smarter at looking at diagrams and being able to put things together, of understanding plumbing and electrical stuff in our house, of constructing things, etc.

Who does the laundry? Well if this question would have been asked 3 days ago, I would have replied that while Ben might, on occassion, put things into either the washer or dryer, I couldn't remember the last time he actually folded the laundry. But last nite he was folding some towels. But mainly I do the laundry.

Who does the dishes? mostly me.

Who sleeps on the right? me.

Who pays the bills? I do it all. Mostly all online. Ben always comments that if I were to die he would have no clue how to pay our bills. Very true.

Who mows the lawn? Mostly Ben, but I really do enjoy it. If we had a push-mower I think I would take over the task.

Who cooks dinner? me.

Who drives when you are together? If it's dark or going to be dark, then Ben. Around town, Ben. On long road trips we usually split. I realize driving is so much better than having to deal with the 3 kids in the back!

Who is more stubborn? me.

Who kissed who first? Ben asked if he could kiss me. Then we both kissed each other.

Who asked who out first? Ben asked me out - he rented a canoe and we took a little float trip down the Provo River. Then we had a picnic full of foods he knew I'd like: strawberries, jicama, and bagels.

Who proposed? Ben.

Who has more siblings? We have the same number - he has 2 sisters and 1 brother. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister.

Who wears the pants? Well Ben always coments to other people how I have taken over the role of "older sibling." Not that our relationship is sibling-like, we are just both the "youngest" in our family. So I guess I wear the pants. I think they fit pretty good.

So I am tagging: Megs, Lezlee, and Katrina


Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

YEAH FOR YOU EM! You keep wearing those pants and give me some tips on how I can too!!!! You know the mud around here is so sticky like clay! I don't think it's coming off anytime soon! I loved reading this blog!!

rebecca said...

I didn't know Miles was named after Ben. Love it.

I can SO hear you saying "You do?" I don't know why?! I can hear your voice exactly. That's better than what I said when David first said it to me. "Thanks?"

Your first date sounds perfect. Yummy food and a canoe.

Fun post! Thanks for playing!