Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Why I Love You Emmy

* you have the cutest giggle * you are so darn sweet * you are My Girl * you bring joy and happiness to me * you are my calm during my Boy Storms * you are the most beautiful gal I have ever seen * you adore your brothers * you adore me * you adore your daddy * you flail your arms and legs when you're excited * you have chubby legs * you hardly ever spit up on me * you poop like every 4 days * you take good naps most of the time * you are always happy when you wake up * you sometimes burrow your head in my body when I hold you * you look so good in Pink * you so want to be Big like your brothers * you're in bed by 7pm, without a fuss * you have cute headbands * you always suck on your bunting when I am putting you down for your nap or bedtime * you like your music box that was mine as a little girl * you really want to make others happy * and at least another 1001 reasons


Nicole said...

What a cutie! Little girls are so fun! Glad Emmy is such a good baby!!

erin said...

hooray for emmy. it's so much fun watching your kids grow up and see who they are turning out to be.