Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why I Love You Jonas

* your long, beautiful hair * your amazing eyes * because you ate the whole dollup of jam I gave you for your french toast - without the french toast * you "Grrrrr" * you tell me "I love you" * you tell emmy "I love you" * you really adore your little sister * you share a lot with your big brother * you love to play without toys: chase, wrestle, hide 'n seek, ring-around-the-rosy * you love being tickled * you have the best huffy voice ever, especially when laughing * you do things for the sole purpose of making others laugh * you are called a girl at least once a week * you tell me to "go away" when you want to do something by yourself * you so want to do everything by yourself * you are very flexible and gynmasty (word?) * you kept asking me today, "Why the fan falling, why?" (it wasn't) * you tell me to "have fun" when I head out the door on an errand or morning run * you ask to be held at least a couple of times every day * you are Wonderful You


erin said...

oooh, those are the exact same reasons that i love jonas too!

KattandJas said...

Bed HEAD!! how cute! I had alot of fun sitting with your kids on sunday. (oh you and ben too) Jonas was telling me all about the choo choo..and how to draw a track excavator!