Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Why I Love You Miles

* you are so very, very inquisitive * you love books * when asked what else you want for your b-day besides a track excavator (which you are not getting, sorry), you were completely speechless - and that doesn't happen often at all; you wanted my help in coming up with other ideas * you want a "Big" track excavator cake with 2 little front-end loader cakes to go with it for your b-day * you can name and correctly identify at least 25 trucks - from concrete crushers to graders * you love finding the letter "My M" everywhere - at our house, in books, road signs. etc. * you compliment people * you have wonderful energy * you surprise me daily by what you know and remember * after pooping you always have to come out of the bathroom, bend over, and ask me, "Is my bum clean?" * you always make up stories as to how certain things operate or are built - not to lie, but because you are creative * you adore your little sister and frequently tell me, "I like our baby Mommy" * you love "school" * when describing to me just exactly how strong you are, you told me that, "I can pick up everything in our whole wide house" * in your prayers lately you have said that you are "thankful we can live in our house forever," and "I am thankful for my family" * your prayers * you will always be My First


Anonymous said...
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erin said...

i love miles because he asked me, "have you pushed your baby out yet?" that makes me smile. thanks miles!