Monday, March 24, 2008


Easter started bright (not bright, actually - it was still dark outside) and early for us on Saturday morning. The boys woke up a little before 6:30 and I had to go in their room while the "Easter bunny" finished hiding the real dyed eggs around our house. The kids loved finding the eggs, and then finding their baskets. It was a fun morning full of sugar.Doesn't this pictures just say it all? I Love it!

Miles checking out his basket. It just had to be green.

Jonas finding his basket.And here he is with his mouth full of chocolates and with his cute new slippers on. Do you see how tightly he is holding on to his chocolates??? I had to bribe him to let go of them.

We got Emmy up afterwards and she enjoyed holding an empty egg.

And here are our cute kids on Easter Sunday:

The Boys.

The Kids. (It was pretty impossible to get a good shot of the 3 of them.)

The Babe. This dress was a dress my parents had bought in the Phillipines - one that my sister and I wore when we were babes. How special.

We are also lucky enough to have Ben's parents here with us - so they were able to enjoy the fun weekend with us as well.

The holidays are truly much more fun with little kids around. Every little thing is so neat and so fun and so exciting to them. I love it.


Niederfam said...

I love it. All of the kids pictures are really priceless, their faces say it all, and it looks like a COMPLETE success. Glad the G-parents could come and enjoy it with you too!

Megan said...

So cute! Is that a new couch I see your beautiful little ones sitting on?

Nicole said...

So great! I love all of the pics. What cute kids you have!! And I love Emmy's dress and her bow! So sweet :) Does Emmy sit up on her own?!!

emily said...

yes, megan, we bought a new couch. fun for us. :)

and, yes, nicole, emmy can sit up on her own. she's not super good at it, yet, but is getting better each day. :)

d&a said...

the look on jonas' face stuffed with chocolates is priceless. looks like the easter bunny treated them well :)