Friday, March 28, 2008

The Prime of My Life

(funny picture of me, but it does show my cool cake)

I just turned 29 yesterday. And since 29 is a prime number, I guess this year will be one of my "prime years." (Alas, if I make it to 91, that, too, will be a "prime year.") Emmy wanted to make sure I didn't sleep through too much of the start of my birthday by waking up to feed at 2am and 5am. Thanks girlie girl. And the boys didn't really care it was my birthday - until cake and ice cream, that is. Although Miles did come up to me throughout the day and presented me with random presents. Presents like magnets from our fridge, art pictures hanging on the fridge with the before-mentioned magnets, and even some sawed off pieces of wood from our backyard. Someday I might even get the treasured play-dough necklaces. I can't wait.

The day was pretty much a normal day, except for some delicious Rice Krispie Cake with Frosting and some Great presents.

My Great Presents:

This purse! Ha. I bought it on my birthday at the Hand Me Down store downtown. I love it. I loved that it was $2.99. I love that I have no clue if it is an actual "adult" purse, or if it is made for little girls. Whatever. It's mine now.

This has yet to come. But I am excited to read it since I loved the first book, Pillars of the Earth. Come, book, come!

An iPod nano. Whoa. This is the most high-tech thing I have ever gotten. I am excited to have a "running partner" with me now! I just have to figure out how to get the thing set up and working. . .

Oh la la. I'm thinking of turning some of this into some spring/summer clothes. Perfect.
Love them. Too bad I have fat Galbraith Feet and they won't fit. Oh well, I'll just find another new flip-flop.

How fun is this!? My sister got me this and it has 30 "cute designs" - and believe me, they are so cute! I can't wait to get started on something. I real excited about this since I'm determined to start sewing more. The only problem with the book? Deciding what I want to make first.

Here are pictures of the Big Party:
Getting help from everyone in blowing out my candles.

Isnt' that a pretty cake?


Nicole said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like so much fun. The cake is awesome!! (and happy half bday to me ;) ha ha!)

Megan said...

Yes, love the krispie cake. I thought about you yesterday, and wished you a happy birthday in my mind. I love the "presents" from the kids. My kids do that all the time. They usually wrap one of their stuffed animals up in a blanket and tell me to unwrap it. Gotta act surprised every time. I Hope 29 is truly a prime year for you!

Wirig Family Blog said...

Happy Birthday Emily! I hope you had a fun day. Thanks for always commenting on my blog. I love reading yours, you are such a cute mom!

Niederfam said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and YUMMMY......I so need to make a rice krispie cake, it sounds divine....I'm also intrigued by BOTH of your books, so I may add them to my list. I love that Miles gave you presents collected from the house all day, it's the thought that counts, right?? ;) May this "prime" year be one of the best ever!!!!

Hans and Michelle said...

Happy Birthday! Love all of the gifts.