Saturday, March 29, 2008

Surprise Date

So I took Miles out on our first official Mommy 'n Miles Date. Miles didn't know what we were going to do until we got in the car that evening. His response when I told him earlier in the day that I was taking him on a "surprise date": "Hehehe. Oh, I love surprise dates! Hehehe." (In the picture he is fuzzy because he couldn't stop jumping up and down.)

I took him to the movie theater - his first time ever and my first time ever here in Montrose - to see Horton Hears A Who. We had read it a few times this past week and so I thought that would be fun for him. He was sooooo excited when I told him what we were doing - although he had no clue or concept of what a movie theater was.

He was real sweet and during one of the previews - for Narnia - he said to me, "No, this is scary." I told him to close his eyes and he tried that - but those dang eyes opened up again. Then he tried closing again and I helped by putting my hand over his eyes. He held on to my hand with a death-grip! When it was all over, he let go and was okay again. Sweet boy.

He enjoyed the movie - and I did, too. He had 10 million questions to ask me - 5 million during the movie and 5 million on the way home. He really liked it and wants to go again. It was fun being out with my oh-so-handsome date.


erin said...

he loves surprise dates? has he been on that many?! too cute, though. where's the next one?

emily said...

no, it was his first one - haha! i'm not sure when the next one is - we'll have to do one for jonas before miles gets another. :)

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

Lucky girl to get a date with that hotty!! HOW FUN! Em, you cease to surprise me! You are an amazing mother! I loved the date night! Maybe we'll have to double one night!!! Their Easter outfits were so cute as well!

Niederfam said...

What a GREAT idea....and a very handsome date, if I do say so myself!!1 :) Maybe Mitt and I will have to try that too! Glad to hear you liked the movie, I've been wondering about it.....:)

itsmeemily said...

How fun was that?! I have heard its really good too! And yes, im sure you had the best date around!