Tuesday, March 18, 2008

We Went Green

I wish I were speaking environmentally green. But I'm not. I can't afford to go environmentally green. Sure, it will probably save me money 10-20 years down the road, but, ummmm my kids are really growing fast and will need food and clothes before 10 years from now. So anyways. The kids went green by eating green pretty much all day yesterday. I honestly did not plan it - well I did do green milk the night before and I thought that was going to be it. But it wasn't. See for yourself:


Yummy green milk with bran flakes. Turns out green milk is the perfect antidote for a 2-year old's tantrum fit. Thank goodness - 6:45am is a little early for me to have to start dealing with tantrums.


(I didn't do green for morning snack- just yellow bananas). But for lunch I dyed their yogurt green. How fun for them.

Afternoon Snack

Green apples with peanut butter.


Green pesto pizza (honestly I had prepared to do this a week ago - not even thinking it was St. Patrick's Day) and then I dyed some cottage cheese.

FHE Treat

Green sugar cookie frogs. Turns out frogs were the closest cookie-cutter I had for St. Patrick's Day. It worked.

And you know what? It tuned out to be Jonas' Best Eating Day Ever. Huh. Maybe I'll have to stock up on lots and lots of green food color. . .


Brooke said...

Love all the green foods. Isn't it amazing how changing one little thing (ie green food) makes it that much more exciting for the kids! :) You are a hoot.

erin said...

maybe one day a week you should focus on a different color? you'd help jonas learn his colors AND he'd actually eat! i don't think i even thought about it being st. patrick's day even once. too sad.

d&a said...

i love it! to this day the "leprechaun" visits my folks' house and leaves us green goodies and gold coins in these little buckets we set out the night before. my ma always went the extra mile and cooked an entire green dinner for us. you will have to keep up the tradition, i bet your kids won't let you forget.

Hans and Michelle said...

You feed your kids so healthy. How do you get them to eat bran flakes and cottage cheese? My kids look at me with that look - seriously, mom?

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

As usual you are the funnest mom in the world! I wish I was there to partake! Love it Em! Love all the pics! I need to find out what you're doing before every holiday! Love ya! Miss Jonas in Nursery.