Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Built Ford Tough

So, yeah. I've used this title, "Built Ford Tough," before. But I couldn't think of any other title, other than "Fence." And that's pretty boring.

Our backyard had a chain-linked fence that we didn't like for 2 reasons. 1. We don't like chain-linked fences, duh. 2. It cut off our yard and didn't enclose our shed. So it needed to come down fast. Fast turned out to be 2 years later. Not bad.
Ben's folks came out so that Jim could help - help, as in A Ton of Help. Diana came so that she could help me - help as in entertaining kiddos, cleaning up, cooking meals, and even sewing an adorable dress for Emmy. Poor Ben's folks - whenever they come out we keep them pretty busy; it's not a restful "break" for them. But we love it!
Anyways, here are pictures of mostly the boys and men working on the fence:

Miles helping lift a 2x4 (or something like that).

Building it "Ford Tough." (jonas' middle name is Ford)

Making progress. . .

Ben and his crew.

Jim with the same crew.

Emmy helped by. . . looking cute? I did help a little by measuring each plank of wood so we'd know where to use it (since our yard sloped in different areas).

The Final Fence:

Yeah, and thanks to Jim and Diana again for all their help.

Phase 1 of our Yard Improvement is now complete. Now we'll move on to Phase 2 - putting out grass seed (again). I'm not sure how many phases our Yard Improvement project has, but it's got to be somewhere close to . . . 100?

p.s. who knew i'd post so many pictures of our fence being built!? sheesh.


Kristen said...

Wow! Way to go Emily and Ben! That is awesome and it looks great. I bet the boys loved it...and now you can keep them contained. :)

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

Amazing! I loved all the pictures. It looks amazing. Could I borrow those helpers this summer!! I loved seeing you at playgroup the other day!

erin said...

wow. it does look awesome. and emmy looks a lot like you in that pic. i love it.

Niederfam said...

EXCELLENT work!!! I love the new fence! That is part of being a homeowner eh, it's ALWAYS a "work in progress" I think!!!!! :)

Wirig Family Blog said...

I can't wait to oneday have a backyard. It looks like a lot of fun! Love the new fence.

Nicole said...

It looks great! Good for you guys! Very impressive :)