Monday, April 21, 2008

Fishing Derby, Take 3

This was our third year at the annual Rotary Club's Fishing Derby. We actually had decided on Thursday to go fishing Saturday at the local pond south of town, and then realized that it was probably the Fishing Derby. We were right. So for the 3rd year we made it to the derby. And, yes, for the third year I was the one and only one that reeled in a fish. (My husband, however, has probably been the one to bait the hook and cast out the pole all three years.)

Miles, once again, was completely giddy and excited when we caught the fish. He loves holding the fish. He seemed a little worried that we were going to kill it and gut it; however, he did eat half of it (Ben eating the other half) that night for dinner. However. . . the next night in our family dinner prayer he prayed for something like this: "And bless that the fish won't die."

Jonas was pretty excited, too - at first. Then the dang fish kept wiggling and he Hated that. It was so darn funny. He held it once and then it started wiggling on him and he just threw it to the ground and started whining. He didn't eat one bite of the fish.

Ben did great in managing the whole family, poles, worms, etc. I hated the wind, but otherwise had a great time. Emmy was mildly cranky the whole time. The boys liked their hot dogs. The end.


Jenson Family said...

Way to go, catching that fish! I don't remember that class in nursing school... Hmmm... The boys reactions are classic!

erin said...

i totally agree with jonas on this. touching those fish is YUCKY.

Niederfam said...

GREAT memories...that's hilarious, that once again you were the one with the success, I love it!!! But I'm with Jonas, I wouldn't want to touch the fish either....:)

KattandJas said...

I love the hats! haha your boys are so cute!

Nicole said...

How fun. They all look so cute!

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

I loved that picture of Jonas with that sad or grossed out face!! Looks like so much fun! I love their hats too! Thanks for everything yesturday! It worked out perfectly!!! Luke will never know it was just another mom and tots day!!!