Friday, April 25, 2008

Guess what I did this morning?

Did I. . .

play with play-dough for hours and hours? No.
color with crayons? No.
drive trucks all over the house? No.
get dressed for the day? No.
get my kids out of their pajamas and in day-clothes? No.
shower? No.

I did none of these things because I spent the whole morning on a sewing project - fun for ME. But that is the problem with me and projects - I just like to work, work, work on them until they are done. And there are 2 problems with this: 1. I probably rush things and, thus, my "quality" is rushed and 2. I ignore my kids. Well as much as you can ignore kids who demand your attention every 2 minutes. :)

Here are a bunch of pictures of the finished product (it's a smock):

It's cute on her, but not for her (a little big anyways)

Silly boys.

Notice: the boys are still in the PJs (remember, I did not get them dressed)

This is just to show the back.

I like how it turned out - from far away. I've got a lot to practice on - but am excited to practice. Fun, fun, fun.


KattandJas said...

how cute! I am the worst sower in history.. You are an amazing lady!

erin said...

it turned out great em! good job.