Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Just for the Hay of It

Okay, really it's straw, but whatever. They look the same to me.

So we bought some straw bales for Phase II of our yard - grass seeding. This is our 3rd time doing seeding - 3rd times the charm, right? When we bought our yard, it had no grass at all. The grass seeds have grown both times, but our grass goes dead by mid-summer and is still only in patches. So we bought some hardier grass and will hope for a nice luscious lawn. Or close.

But we did get some fun pics of the kiddos. Ben wants to keep bales at our house because then he feels like we're on a farm - his dream is a farmlet, remember.

Emmy just loved the straw. She was having such a great time playing with it. So perhaps if our grass doesn't turn out great, we'll just dump on tons of straw.

Jonas was so cute. We told him we wanted to take his picture so he came over and posed for us. Gotta love him.Miles is so adorable; unfortunately he doesn't pose so well for pictures. When you ask him to smile it just turns out. . . well, a little awkward. It's either a full-out cheese smile with the eyes closed or this - a half smile. I love it when we can capture a truly happy-smile. It melts my heart.


Nicole said...

I love that your kids always end up getting so much enjoyment of things like...seeding (I think that's what you called it!) and other things that adults would just call "work"! You guys are great parents to include them in on those things so they can have fun!!

d&a said...

how fun! those pics are great. good luck with the grass seed. we have to do some grass repairs ourselves since we had so much snow for so long this winter we have mice trails throughout the neighborhood eek!

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

You seriously are the cutest blogger! You guys are the funnest parents and show them so much! I also would love for you guys to come to kinder music! I think she is starting another group next fall and I have loved it! Hope to see you friday night!

Niederfam said...

pretty cute......and good luck with the seed, i love yard projects, when they are DONE.....