Sunday, April 06, 2008


Just a few random pictures.

Yes, he looks so sweet. And he is. But he doesn't let me forget that he is also TWO. But I love him so much. I was out feeding Emmy on the couch and the boys were in the kitchen eating lunch. Ben told Jonas to come out and tell me that I am pretty. So Jonas came out and said, instead, "Mom you are happy." (I didn't know he was suppose to say "pretty." But that is so typical of Jonas. He mixes up words all the time. Love it) "Yes, Jonas, I am happy. Are you happy, too?" "No, I'm frustrated." Hehe. (I wonder where he gets that from?)

Oh no. We've got a Flasher in the family.

My handsome men going off to conference. Ben and I split sessions - I go in the morning, he goes in the afternoon, and I go to Priesthood. Haha. Kidding. I suggested Ben take Miles this afternoon and Ben agreed. They are such cute boys and I love them both. I am lucky to live with such a great man and such great little men. I'm even luckier to be loved by them. We'll see how conference goes. . .

As a side note, I put up Miles' quote last week but never made reference to it. But as we were talking one night before bed he just randomly told me what he wanted to name his babies. He stated, "Jonas Table, Mount Rushmore, Emily Coat, and Furnance Chair." I'll be sure to let his fiance know this one day. If she agrees to it, I just might agree in letting her steal away the 2nd love of my life.

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