Sunday, April 27, 2008

Six. . . Long. . . Years. . .

So, yes, 6 years ago Ben and I were married. (Ohhh, happy anniversary to you, too, Kristen!). Appearently six years is a really long time - long enough to effect your memory; long enough to have a conversation like this with your husband today:

(Ben is hugging me and reminiscing of our wedding day and says)

"I remember being at the Temple and then seeing you come in because you were late or something."

me: "AHEM. AHEM. HAHA. AHEM. HAHA. Do you want to think about that a little more? AHEM. . . I don't think so. YOU were the one that was late. You never saw me walk in the temple because I was already there."

Ben: "Oh. So maybe my memory got a little confused."
(I'm still laughing about it.)

On our 12th anniverary (6 years from now, of course), Ben will probably say something like, "Oh, I remember our 6th anniversary. I made you breakfast in bed. We went out to a very fancy restaurant that night. I gave you a 45-minute back rub. . ."

And I'll be like, "Yeah, right. That so did not happen."

But I guess it doesn't matter that today was basically any other day. Because I didn't marry Ben because I wanted someone to share exciting adventures with. I married Ben because I wanted somebody to share Life with. And Life is what we got. A pretty darn good one, too.


Nicole said...

Congrats! Ha ha, I love what time does to the mind :)

erin said...

ha. ben is funny. six years is CRAZY long! congrats.

can i just say that blogger is making it really hard for me to post comments?! sheesh. the word verification has been really taxing lately.

emily said...

i know erin! i always hated doing it on yours, but i definitely see the benefit of having it. but, yes, it has gotten so much harder these past few days. crazy.

rebecca said...

Oh Happy Anniversary Emily and Ben! SIX years is serious! You guys look so happy on your wedding day. And look what's happened since then - three beautiful children and a little memory loss. It happens to us all I think. :)

And I've noticed the same thing with the word verification lately. I've failed a few times. :)

Wirig Family Blog said...

Happy Anniversary to you too! So funny that our dates are so close. I love your story. How time flies! Hopefully you do something fun and romantic. I am hoping we do something this weekend when I feel better.

Megan said...

What a happy day that was - I do remember that. Amazing how far you've come.

KattandJas said...

Ha! I love the way Men Twist and Turn things in there minds
Gotta love the Hubbies.. And there funny quirks.. Congrats on 6 yrs! were right behind ya!

Niederfam said...

CONGRATS!!! And P was late to our wedding too, we are at 7 years on Thursday, I wonder what if anything he'll remember---:) I love the part about you picking someone to share your life with, SO TRUE....although if it's offered I'll still take the breakfast in bed, fancy dinner and 45 minute backrub!!!! :)